Gray Nicolls Evo Four Star Cricket Bat Review Needed

hehe.............I told KR to put up that review! IMO u shouldent get it..........KR said it isnt the best bat out there and I would trust him on that one because he's got tons of bats.
KR said that because it is not pinging at the moment, pretty usual for GN bats, they take time to open up...R
I have a GN Evo 5 star and its a decent bat. I have been knocking it in over 4/5 months lekin it still hasnt really started performing to its full potential. I'll using this bat in the nets for nxt few weeks and it will improve quickly when I use it more in nets against real bowling and throwdowns. I think it will turn out to be a good bat in the end. I have used few shortcuts when knocking in otherwise it would have taken a full season of use for the bat to open up.

GN evo is 2.9 and pick up is good but not as great as GM and GM is 3 or 4 ounces heavier but it feels lighter then Evo and has much better balance overall.

My Evo bat has very little concaving but I have seen other evo bats in shops which have had more concaving. The 2011 evo bats I have seen have better balance and much improved pick up.

The finishing on the bat is good but there was bit of room for improvement on some parts of the bat and I sanded the bat around the side edges and this has improved the balance, control, feels much better and it picks up lighter. I also added another grip which has improved the pick up/balance.

Feel free to ask any question(s) if u have any
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Thanks Knightrider, very nice review! What shortcuts did you use to knock it in?
I used few dangerous shortcuts but I would never tell anyone to try them coz I over did it myself and damaged the bat, one of the grains has split and few surface cracks have appeared but nothing major bat still plays ok
I have used the bat twice recently in indoor nets and its really sweet when the balls hits the middle but I would have to use the bat regularly to it to improve more and become a really gun, it does have potential lekin I have lots of other bats which I prefer more then evo.
Yeah I still would not recommend it coz it takes ages for it to open up properly and sweetspot is located quite low and its bit difficult to find at times.
yup. I had also thought the evo would have a mid to high sweetspot after looking at pictures on net and reading descriptions of the evo bats but when I saw the bats in real they had mid-low profiles, shoulder of the bat is thin and they have heavy pick ups.
Some of my other bats weigh more then Evo but they pick up lighter then it.
2011 evo bats have higher profiles and lighter pick up.
Nah definetely not its not a dud, balance is bit average, not poor tho and it just feels touch heavier then its dead weight. Its taking bit long to open up but I know it will perform well if i use it regularly. Also i dont like the bat coz it doesnt suits my style of play coz I mistimed lots of shots and bat turned/twisted in my hand few times.
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I gotta say............that sounds very wierd...........idk maybe it is a dud.........or just some kind of defect..............but the bat looks very nice
lets make this clear. Bat is not dud or plank etc. It has good ping and it would improve lot more if i used just this bat for a while. I have too many other bats which i like more and i use them. Only slight negative this bat has is the pick up is not that great.