Help me buy GM Wicketkeeping Stuff


Sep 23, 2011

plz help me ! i want to buy... GM impoted wicket keeping Gear's!
i live in PAKISTAN.. plz tell me the shop Or city In Pakistan...thankx

plz help guyz...



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Welcome to PakPassion, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Unfortunately this is not available anywhere in Lahore or Pakistan so your chances are of ordering from UK.
Hey CD, will he be hit with customs if he imports from England?

Also, Danish why this penchant for GM? Any particular reason?
Zeusky ! i like GM, SS, OR NEWBERRY WK Gears ! very Muchhhh! dear!

these are super brands ! i use local produts ! but i injrd many time...

i use local brnd like ca, etc but these are use less...

my frnd has SS limted Edition wk glove... some one 1st class player giv him SS..he liv in Lahore... i use his SS glove...its awesOme...luve to wicket keeping wid SS limted Edition...
I know you can get SS Gloves in Pakistan few shops have them.

Where in Lahore are you Danish bhai?

I know UT Sports in Karachi has SS LE Wicket Keeping gloves.
i don't know the procedure... of buying online GM Gearz....

how to buy or pay! i don't know...i don't know wich site should i trust.

help me guys... OR admin...

thankx :)
now i m in my City... C H I S H T I A N...



UT Sports karachi ki koe site hai ya facebook page?

or tell me Phone or Mobile Number's plz thankx
No website for UT I think but CD can give you their contact number if you promise to review the stuff you will buy on Pakpassion :p
SS wk Glove...

SS Limted Edition Or Ms Dhoni Limted Edition :)


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You can contact Asadbhai of Uzi sports and he will help you with your requirements: simply email him at

Also there is this website that one out too if you want.
Danish bhai purra genuine maal hai I tried those SS batting gloves myself when I was in Lahore they were 100% original.

I have seen those SS Gloves from UT Sports too they are brand new as well.

Wait I have UT Sports number call them they can ship you to Lahore.
Also maybe call Millat Sports in Shahalmi and ask them if they have them in stock, here is Millat Sports information;


And here is UT Sports contact information;

I have those SS keeping gloves bought from UT in Karachi they are really fine.
Dhump jani :) u 100% sure SS wk gloves available at UT SPORTS Karachi ?

plz rply...

Janab Raj Kumar I think they are genuine they are not normally in stock. I guess it was there for some one and he got extra piece so I got it. I trust Shakeel at UT have good relations to him normally he tells me if something is genuine or fake.

you can check this thread for more information I posted pics and stuff there I dont remember exactly but price was around 5000/- PKR.