Help regarding Bat selection and purchasing

May 30, 2013
I am from NEW Delhi, 25 and just back to cricket after some 5-6 years. I have been playing from last 3 months and playing with other member's bat. Now I want to purchase one for myself. I have some doubts regarding selection.

1. My height is 6.2 so should I go for LONG HANDLE or SHORT HANDLE BAT.
2. I heard a lot about GM ICON and thinking to buy the same. I have a budget of INR 5-6k, so pls suggest me the bat in this range only.
3. Is it ok to buy English willow bat from India, as I have no knowledge whether English Willow grown in India or it has been imported from UK or they are just Kashmir Willow.
4.I have found very helpful but they are charging around 2.5-3 k for shipping(VAT). Can anyone have other other website where shipping charges are low.

Any other information provided by you guys will be very helpful. Pls suggest asap.
i would suggest you to go for SS heritage ..check out the reviews on youtube...some say its grade 1 and some grade 2,,matter of fact is tht its an excellent willow.
Go to or try SG VS319 ULTIMATE or buy SG SUNNY TONNY from flipkart where it was for 6,300 approx. N if u can increase ur budget a bit than go for SS bats.
@Munaf4U. aslo provide knocking in services for INR 500. Is it worth to get it from there or not. Andy the GM Icon bats they provide are authentic ones? as I have heard there is huge difference b/w indian made GM bats and UK made GM bats.
just go for SS or SG they are world class bats and you also dont have to bother about foreign made and india made ;)
can any 1 tell me about UT bats from pakistan ?. i had bought one in zambia from one of the pakistani freind at a very reasonable price in less than 80 usd but that was a really good bat and ping was awesome, the ball was just flying from the bat. i have seen some very good UT bats here at a very reasonable price. but dont know about much as where to get those if u r out of pakistan .
@ robin : another advantage with is they r giving the option for selecting the weight of the bat which i have seen at very few sites.
@ robin --just a suggestion pls ask them to send you some pics of the bat that they have after you narrow down to the brand and the grade and name.
The knockin service is good..i have done for my bat SS KP. thxs
@Inzaghi ... I have asked them to share the pics of SGVS319 ultimate and extreme bat. Today they have shared them on my mail and Ultimate looks good while xtreme is not upto my expectations. Now this vs319 ultimate comes around 4.9k from snapdeal and 5.6K from sports jam.
Should I go for Snapdeal offer. Suggestions are welcome.
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Dunno about snap deal ..i have purchased from sportsjam..they were good...after reading abt sg vs 319..I went to the local dealer and tried the bat..didnt like the pick up so much..for the ultimate it didnt have good grains..but i can be wrong...if you can go to a local shop try to pick the bat coz all sg vs319 has the same profile..if you like it then go ahead with where ever u save money and sure about their service...i love ss bat..but my friend will not bat with ay other bat but onlyu with his SG extreme which he bought for 4000..he is a good aggressive opening batsman.
@ robin : if u r in india than just check the dealers name n address on near ur house n go there to have a hand on experience.
To to Meerut/Jalandhar


You are in such a city which is in peeping distance to the world class bat makers, you can visit these following Bat makers factory


All the brand bats are good, but be sure about the bat which assist your style of play (back/front foot), position of your playing all matters. I think when you visit the factory you can discuss all the above and hand pick according to your budget...