Hero hails Rockets' heroics in Fenômeno Finale!

Canistani Hero

Senior T20I Player
Mar 3, 2012
Pocket Rockets' manager Canistani Hero held a press conference this morning, following the Rockets' victory parade after lifting the Copa de Fenômeno trophy with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Los Blancos at the Al-Ibad International Stadium on Thursday night.


He thanked supporters and the board for maintaining their belief in the team despite what he called a "largely dismal season"

"It's all about faith, I have to thank the owners and the supporters for retaining their belief in me and in the boys, we have been rooted to the bottom of the table for what feels like eternity and I would've understood if they'd decided to show me the door by now"

"It's a face-saver, it really is, we needed this and you can see how much it means to the players, to the fans, it means the world to the Rockets' nation"

"We can only go on to bigger and better things from here, our next challenge is to ensure we don't let them tear this squad apart, we have a great bunch of lads and we have to keep them together"

Hero also squashed rumors of a multi-million dollar move for Fenômeno glory hero, Radamel Falcao to league leaders, Royal Mafia

"Earlier in the season, we could've seen it happening but after what he's just done, I can assure you, he's not going anywhere"


He concluded the conference by praising his counterpart Los Blancos' CricJoshila

"I thought the final was played in great spirit, barring the two sending offs ofcourse, they came at us hard and I can see him and the Blancos having a bright future"

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First trophy for the cabinet. Nicely done! Don't party too hard.