How to bat against bowling machine


Apr 15, 2012
Today,i had a bowling machine session with tennis balls at first and i played at 99mph,which was decently quick but not extreme pace at all,i even checked the bola machine as if the operator was checking me but it was really set in 99 mph,i middled every ball and after that i had a session with dimple balls which i started to play with 60 mph and told the operator to set 70mph(at that time i was even struggling with 60mph) but the guys around the operator were laughing at me as there are playing a bad joke with me,i told him to set the speed at 60mph and good length,but he fired yorkers 73mph(one of the guys told me after the session),again i told him to change 70mph and bit fullish good length but again he fired yorkers but now with 85mph(i was really uncomfortable against hit and i defended yorkers and i advanced down about 6 yards and played a low full toss drive,i cant see the ball actually but my bat automatically hit the ball)and next ball i was hit in toe,now its had been swollen a lot and a suspected hairline crack now which forced me to quit the session but 99mphis not as quick as 75mph in dimple balls.tell me how to play bowling machine,i have no clue and i am 17,what will be the decent speed to play against bowling machine for my age.