how to hit a six part 2


Sep 29, 2010
Hey guys i posted a question a while back when i was new to cricket and pakpassion about how to hit a six on fast bowlers. I would like to tell you now that i am blasting them out of the park. so thanks to comments and tips because they did help and now my strategy to hit sixes is pretty specific inwhich i wait for the short ball and hit it on the back foot and the most important part is the grip you hold your bat. You could hold it like razzaq or very close to the bat doesnt matter but the trick is to hold it tight with two hands. The grip must be very hard i learned this from imran nazir in the icl and decided to use it because at first i had a weak grip. note that a weak grip has its benifits to pay all kinds of shots and not get out but for a six tight grip all the way.
Also can anyone give me advice to hit a six on a fuller length ball. note my strength is good enough to hit sixs on spinners if timed correctly so strength should not be an issue. how does afridi do it.
timing is the biggest aspect of it. of that's your shortcoming a high back lift would also help.
Keep your eye on the ball and your head in line if you know what I mean. When hitting a big shot all cricket players tend to have their head in the air however you must keep it down and looking at the ball.