How to make handle thinner?


Dec 29, 2010
is it possible to make the handle thinner?

1. will it damage the rubber "springs" in the handle?
2. how will i put the white thread binding back on?
some players take the thread off to make the handle thinner.

the way you want to do it the white thread binding cant be put back anyways.

rubber springs dont get damaged!
You can do it yourself. Some bats use thicker twine, in that case you could remove the twine and refit with a thinner twine and use a thin grip. You can also use a rasp to thin out the wood from the handle.
You can look at batmaking videos by GM, Laver , screaming cat on youtube and learn how it's used. My advice would be to go gentle. Alternatively you could either hand sand or power sand using a 120 or above grit paper. It won't damage the the rubber. You can slowly hand bind the twine, it will take around 2 hours , make sure you don't leave much gaps while binding. I was lucky enough to buy twine from the shop around the corner. I have done it 3-4 times with no trouble whatsoever.
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