HS 5 Star Cricket Bats


Jun 12, 2010
Pilano-sports Sialkot ( Owner Mujahid Javed ) Has introduced new Brand in Pakistani Cricket Brands
HS 5 Star English Willow Cricket Bat
Share your experience and reviews about HS brand Cricket Bats and equipment .


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HS Brand Has got approval from ICC two days before to sponsor players
one or two players are using HS bats in Zimbabwe test
Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. Look very good for the prices they're at.
Doubt if these will sell after the way the Pakistani batsmen are performing against Zim!!
So many new brands coming up in Pakistan but the question is, does anyone buy these bats ? Ofcoz the players would use only the stickers.
Hi everyone I am new to this pakpassion so pls forgive me....
I just want to ask about the AS v10 cricket bat is it a goo dbat because i payed 180 dollars for it delivered to australia........... how is its ping, performance, comparision to bubber sher and CA bats and finally DOES IT LAST
yeah mate, my friend has it ping is amazing especially for the price that you pay for it, would say it is equal to bubber sher but CA bats are easily best bat manufacture in pak, but overall its an awesome bat !!
Can you post the contact details of Pilano sports?If possible their contact numbers as they do not reply to the emails.