Hyderabad v Kandurata | CLT20 Qualifiers | Mohali | 17/9/2013

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Steyn :))) what happened to him...20 runs in first 2 overs of Steyn excluding the 4 legbyes...
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Steyn started poorly. 2 wides and 3 Fours. Ishant Sharma is terrible fielder. KM 14/0 in 3 balls.
Go Kundurata go Sanga is having an amazing year so far i hope he turns the table against his IPL side
1 over 15 runs. Good start by KM. Ishant bowling 2nd over.
He bowled a decent over with 140K pace.
Steyn getting creamed. 2 fours in first 3 balls.
Srilanka seemed to have started of quite well here. What a shame that their big names like Dilshan, jAYA and malinga ar missing
That awkward moment when Sir Ishant figures after 2 overs are 2/1 while Steyn after 2 overs got 20/0
Duminy's fielding.. BRILLIANT
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Srilanka struggling and Sangakkara the main in time of crisis as always
I'm switching the channels from Hindi to English whenever harsha comes to commentary...
i cant believe the score card. Steyn going at 10 an over and ishant going at 2 over. :facepalm: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Uzair: "Whats the point of holding back Karan Sharma and Mishra back and bowl Dumminy, strange tactics."
Shot Sanga! Showing Perera who is the boss here.
Sangakkara doing it quite easily here.
"Karan Sharma is being treated as one of those batsmen who in street cricket never get to bowl and only get to bat when all the top/middle order batsmen are out."
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