ICC WT20| Group 2| Pakistan vs Australia| Australia innings

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Once again lack of urgency at the top and silly batting order cost us 10-15 runs. Should have scored at least 40 in first 6 and Gul should have been sent in earlier.
need to contain runs early on and take 3 quick wickets within power play
if pakistan bowls australia out for 107 Pakistan will go through regardless of next match result
150 is a good enough total... i reckon... there seems to be something there for bowlers in the pitch (especially the spinners)
InshAllah we got this Bowlers will stand up and delivery!!! Ajmal time to stand up!!!
What was umer akmal doing today? 9(8)
but dnt worry aussies to be bowled out under 100.
108 in 15 overs. Should have scored at least 160 adn 170 would have been nice.
So short about 20 runs.
Aus has a slight edge we will need to get openers quickly to have a chance.
Gul shouldve been sent in instead of malik

its not easy to hit in last over (if u r a new batsman)...

frankly all runs we got in last over were bonus... except the 1st ball of the over Starc bowled beautifully...
Good competitive total by Pak. Now just hold on to your catches boyz. This game may well be decided by fielders :watto
With an extra long batting lineup I don't think we best utilized it by not being aggressive enough. We also didn't get that extra punch right at the end, maybe 10 runs less.
Pakistan - do us a favour - either win big or lose big..... No last ball stuff please
Need to knock over both openers early here!
and what is the da plan against Warner? Too much focus on Watso but DW is equally, if not more, dangerous
Australia gave them some opportunities ..Full tosses..dropped catch ..But we could not maximise..
it has been the worst utilization of resouces by management and they have failed to gather them after Indian loss...Jamshed looked out of senses and was not himself...
The worst part is that they expected solid start from Nazir and expected a proper batsman Umar to do a boom boom.....
It is very infuriating.
Australia showing that just hitting the gaps gets runs.....why did we just find fielders all the time......come on Pakistan, need wickets. We can do it
Poor 1st over from Hafeez, we need someone to step up here and bowl a magical spell!
Hafeez trying to strangle them for runs in the first six???
Raza better keep it wicket-to-wicket or else watto will kill him
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