Karachi Zebras v Sialkot Stallions | Group B | Faysal Bank T20 | Lahore | 10/10/10

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Oct 1, 2010
Just Saw a Thrilling match, I hope for Another Recap. 45 minutes to the start.

Karachi Zebras
Ali Asad
Khurram Manzoor
Faisal Iqbal*
Adnan Baig
Hasan Raza
Anwar Ali
Babar Rehman
Atif Maqbool
Danish Kaneria

Sialkot Stallions squad

Shoaib Malik*
Imran Nazir
Tahir Mughal
Shahid Yousuf
Adeel Malik
Sarfraz Ahmed
Sarmad Anwar
Abdur Rehman
Haris Sohail
Shakeel Ansar†

Star Players ::danish :malik :iamlegend :bhanja :Sami :rana :comeandge
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Sania Mirza will be watching.....

Oh wait, I don't think there is Geo Super in India?

She will watching by stream maybe, Sania if you can hear me , if you want a stream just ask on PakPassion
I wonder why Mrs.Malik didnt played tennis from Pakistan side. May she get Lucky in getting Gold Medal
Zebras are in for a serious chhitrol tonight.
Zebras should draw inspiration from the Falcons as they are up against another set of pampered players :p

Jokes apart, Stallions are definitely a quality team but I hope Zebras put up a fight and take cue from the Falcons.
this Aamir Sohail don't even know what he is talking about useless..
Why is Malik talking in half english and half urdu ? Idiot !!
''Honestly I was a bit double minded'' Shoaib Malik

Ohooyeee Malik saab ki angraazi improve hogi ,
good job Sania ;)
Amir Sohail taking the mick at Imran Nazir. He doesnt like him at all. I really wish Amir sohail would stop talking out of his ass.
Lol you can tell by that slog sweep to the quicky how different this wicket is to the usual karachi wickets, its good because it has that little bit of extra pace and bounce and almost all these batsmen are struggling against the new ball even in t20 cricket.
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Somebody tell these clown commentators to shut up when the ball is about to be delivered
seriously i'm watching sa vs zim on tv and this game on here and when you compare the commentary you feel ashamed of the geo commentary.
What is Naumanullah doing at 3 when you have Hassan Raza and Faisal Iqbal in the lineup?

Zebras are gonig no where here. They'll struggle to post 100 at this rate
Bhanja has got only 2 shots. Dab to 3rd man for a single, and coming down the track to spinners for a hoaik over longon.

Cant believe such a crappy cricketer has played so many matches for national team
Even Rana bowling short stuff now, clear ploy by the Stallions and welldone to them :14:
anyone know why they r not showing these matches on Geo Tv like they did last year, or is it only the finals that they will show on tv??
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