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Jun 1, 2001
-Tell us a little about yourself - what type of work do you do, kids etc?

I was born in Glasgow and migrated with the family to Pakistan when I was 11. After 7 memorable years, we moved back to Glasgow. I have a degree in Mathematics and an MSc in IT. In search of my first job, I moved to Reading and still here for the last 7 years now.

I have been working in the field of IT for the last 6 years in various
Roles. Currently working as a Data Support Analyst for Vodafone.

I have two kids mashAllah, Sulaiman (5) and Zaaina (4). It was Sulaiman's
first day at school last week. Boy, does time fly.

Also, explain the reason for your passion for Pak cricket ?

The exciting brand of Pakistani cricket and pride in our real identity has led to this passion.

-What is your name?

This is a ‘tera naam kya hai basanti’ type question.

-How old are you?

32 years young!

-What is your favorite food?

Chicken Biryani, daal/chawal/achar. Nandos is visited frequently nowadays.

-Are u a batsman or bowler?

Leg spin bowler who can slog a few shots.

-Which city are you from in Pakistan?

Karachi/Multan/Lahore. I was privileged to spend equal time in these great cities. My father migrated from Jallindher (India) to Karachi after the partition and my mother is from Multan.

-Who is your favourite batsman/ bowler?

Favourite bowler is Waqar Younis who, at his peak, took wickets at will. He later on used the seam very well to compensate for his lack of pace.

Favourite batsmen would be Martin Crowe. An under rated stylish batsman who like Lara played in a weak cricket team. Never seen anyone play a rampant Waqar/Wasim so well as Crowe. He had a magic run in the World Cup of 1992 and nearly guided his team to a world cup win. If it wasn’t for Inzi!

-Kashif bhai I know you are married and have some baal bache..just want to know how is married life like? how has it changed your life? do u miss being a bachelor?
..and some tips for me because I am going to join the marriage club soon.

Married life can be hectic and it depends largely on how you react to the new situation, where you live and how your family supports you. Time becomes a rare commodity, as you balance work and your family. The best part is the kids and seeing them grow, it’s a magical experience.

It has changed my life considerably. I moved to a new city and away from my family, which made it much more difficult as we had to make new friends. I miss the time factor when I was a bachelor.

For marriage, find someone who you can live with for the rest of your life. Look at the bigger picture, kids, moving on and general understanding.

-If they made a movie of your life who would you like to play kashif?

Groucho Marx.

-Your dream job? your dream women? Your dream car?

Dream Job: 4th Umpire. Does bugger all, gets to watch the match, meet the players and just shows some balls. (Oxy, you may want to censor the last bit)

Dream women: Angelina Jolie, Parveen Babi (recently passed away, was a babe in her times). Had a crush on her since Amar Akber Anthony.

Dream Car: The Aston Martin that James Bond drives in Goldfinger. The old Jaguar E-type is very classy.

-If you were made president of Pakistan for a day which three rules would you bring in? and which three people would you deport?

1) Enforce a reliable judicial court of law system that guarantees accountability even if it’s the President himself.
2) Review the whole police structure, bringing it line with the way the Army operates. Graduate policemen, excellent wages, professional setup etc.
3) Tax free decade for all those industrialists who provide hundreds of quality jobs.

I would deport Sarfaraz Nawaz, Wasim Bari and Waheed Khan.

-Who is your favorite PPer?

Ziggy, he’s on a different planet and Monsee who lives on a neighbouring planet near Ziggy.

-How has your childhood been?

Brilliant, unforgettable. Played cricket all the bloody time, now I just watch it all the time.

-What was the most difficult time in ur life and how did u managed to cope with it?

When my parents lost all of their savings during the BCCI scandal. It was the reason why we migrated back to the UK and had to rebuild our lives. We all coped by helping each other…and watching cricket mostly.

-What advice do you have for today’s youngsters?

Be focused on what you want to achieve in life and go for it, do not waste time.

-How has the lifestyle changed over the years?

My lifestyle changed a lot after marriage and moving to a new city. Playing sports cut down drastically and spent more watching it. Raising a family gives you a sense of direction and responsibility. I am more of an introvert and struggled to make new friends. Family and cricket is my world as I know it.

- Say something about the Great Man (Quaid-e-Azam)

Pakistanis are so lucky they had someone like him during that era. We needed someone who could negotiate, was sophisticated and knew how to deal with the English. A hot headed, sword waving emotional chap would have got us nowhere. The fact that he was a lawyer makes him a special gift from Allah.

-The best: Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis? Why?

I am not going to be drawn into this comparison. Both were extremely special players and different types of pace bowlers. Together they were awesome.

Wasim could bat and was a better leader. Keeping those qualities in mind, he probably beats Waqar overall as a cricketer.

-If you could have dinner with 2 cricketers who would they be and why them?

Imran and Boycott, for being out spoken cricketers. Would love to hear them share their past experiences.

-Pakistani Music:- Favourite bands/singers/songs?

Band: Vital Signs….they did the simple things right and made brilliant songs. Still the blueprint for new Pakistani bands.

Singer: Nayyara Noor: Under rated brilliant ghazal singer.

Songs: Too many. First random one to mind is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Mainu ik pal chain wee na awey, sajna tere bina’….the Michael Brooks version.

-What's your opinion about Nazia Hassan?

Had a lucky break with that Qurbani song and along with her brother led the disco scene in Pakistan. Nasal quality but sung some nice songs.

-Your most valuable possession (please do not say wife, kids etc.) I mean either of monetary or priceless value.

My CD collection.

-Have you ever lost something priceless or valuable?

Never, thanks to Allah. I have been very lucky in this respect.

-As a child, your first poster on your wall?

Madonna! My mother ripped it off.

-Any vice?

Very Lazy (my wife and mum will testify) and a habit of running away from conflicts.

-Do you ever go on a shopping spree and buy something you REALLY shouldn't have?
I do tend to buy a lot of audio CD’s a lot from eBay. But you can always sell them back.

-You have nick name (something you family, friends call you) Please DO NOT tell us what your wife calls you.....

Kash, Kashee…the way I’m going might evolve into Fattee.

-What cd is in your cd shuttle at the moment?

Sami Yusuf’s ‘My Umaah’ album.

-Anything that scare you?

Used to have a phobia of the dark ever since I was involved in an accident in Karachi during the night. Thankfully, I overcame that. Now I am scared of something happening to my kids.

-Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie!!

-Whats better a Shoaib Akhtar yorker uprooting middle stump and breaking it in half or an Afridi six launched out of the stadium and smashing a car window?

Nothing beats both sights in cricket. I would go for the Shoaib yorker as it
has become a rare event until recently. Now if this year in England, one of Afridi’s six smashes my ex-bosses car window, that would be even sweeter.

-Lara or Tendulkar and why?

Lara, a legend who has batted for the weakest West Indies team. Tendulkar though has always had to play with the burden of expectations.

-Murali or Warne and why?

Warne. Great thinking cricketer who has got better with time and delivers when it matters.

-Greatest fast bowler ever to have played cricket?

I have heard a lot about Michael Holding but never seen him. But Waqar Younis at his peak was lethal. With his pace and the late reverse swing, pre-stress fracture he was unplayable. You knew he was going to take a fifer.

-If you could have any gadget for your mission as James Bond, what would it be?

A bat that doubles as a missile launcher.

-When all the mods/admin all go to Geneva for their all expenses paid holiday which airline do you use and which hotel?

Not sure what gives you the idea that we would go to Geneva. Dubai, my friend....duty free gifts, 7 star hotel....strongly recommend a visit.

-How big can PP become and what makes it different to other similar sites?

PP can become very big indeed. I'd like to see our presence felt in
stadiums. No matter how flashy we make the website and the forum, it’s the forum members who make it for what it is.

-Hows my "The Beast" shirt coming along?

Would your mum approve of the shirt?

-what possessed u err i mean how did you became a mod and what drove you to it?

I was never initially interested and did not yearn for it. However I have always wanted to see PP continually improve and once asked to join the team, I could not refuse the opportunity to bring my thoughts into action. It is an honour to be part of the PP team but it’s not a picnic.

-What are your thoughts on the "Sami Situation"?

It's becoming very frustrating. I still believe it’s a matter of when. He
has something which troubles batsmen and that is pace. The management has persevered with him and has this belief which most fans are lacking. The plus point with Sami is that he has remained free of major injuries.

-If you could be a selector for Pakistan what would your XI be for Pakistan of the current players and why?

ODI 11 is pretty clear

Butt, Kamran, Younis, Yousaf, Inzi, Malik, Razzaq, Afridi, Rana, Sami and Shoaib. I want to see Kamran developed as the ODI opener to partner Butt, unless we discover a Saeed Anwer. Afridi to open on flat batting tracks.

Test 11:

Butt, ???, Younis, Yousaf, Inzi, Malik/Razzaq/Afridi, Rana, Sami, Shoaib and Kaneria.

I am baffled as to who is capable to partner Butt in the opening slot. Take your pick between Farhat/Bazid/Hameed. Malik/Razzaq and Afridi fight it out for the 2 all-rounder slots.

-What do u think of our progress as a team since the last world cup to the next one and what do u fancy our chances to be?

Pakistan has always had a decent ODI team. The previous senior side had factions which proved to be the Achilles heal. The progress since the last world cup, despite the exodus of many senior players, has been a steady one. We have a very exciting team led by the on form Inzamam. I'd rather the World Cup be now rather than later. Barring injuries, our team is one of the favourites [amir sohail] there’s no doubt about it [/amir sohail].

-Do mods get any behind the scenes extras here on pp (be honest )?

There is the moderator’s forum where we have discussions. We get to see all the binned threads, some very naughty ones there.

-what do you prefer: a Pakistan win or an entertaining match?

c) An entertaining Pakistan win!

-What do you like about PP the most? How is pp different from other sites? What’s your vision for pp in terms of potential growth and expansion?

What I love most about PP are the fantastic members, lots of characters. The thought provoking discussions and forum humour sets us apart. InshAllah the website will gradually grow into a force to be reckoned with. I’d like to see us become a global Pakistani cricket fan’s organization.

-I heard you had to dance naked under the moonlight and paint yourself blue to become a mod. Is that true?

Absolutely false. I strongly deny these baseless rumours. It was light blue with yellow polka dots.

-What are the challenges in your daily work as a MOD?

I am officially the laziest mod around and trying to get some work done before they kick me out.  I am doing a fair bit of research into PP merchandise material and very soon they will be available from the PP shop. These will fund our Dubai trips.

-Your views on MIG and his phainty regime !!

It is for the best. Phainty a day keeps at the members at bay.

-Name a few posters you enjoy reading.

Z10, ziggy, entra, ggm, Monsee and many many others.

How has your stay on PP been so far?

Very enjoyable indeed. I have seen the wonderful growth of the website and have struggled to keep up with the posts.

-Kashif, since becoming a member of the PP team, has your perception of PP changed?

It has given me further appreciation of the site and understanding of how much goes into the running and maintenance. Given that it is all volunteered work, it is truly amazing.

-Also, your favourite test match and why?

1990 Adelaide: Australia v Pakistan 2nd Test. One single partnership turned the match on its head.

Pakistan was effectively 6 runs for 5 wickets down in the second innings looking at a big defeat. Imran (136) and his apprentice Wasim (123) forged a memorable 171 run partnership. Wasim timed some beautiful cover drives and hit his maiden 100. Pakistan set a total of 303 for Australia to chase.

Had centurion Dean Jones not been dropped twice off Mushtaq Ahmed’s bowling, Pakistan needing just another 4 wickets, would have won the match. It showed me then what Imran stood for…fighting till the end even when staring at failure.


-The mods forum - did it surprise you just how much work, effort and organising goes on behind the scenes at PP?

Yes it did initially surprise me. I am convinced the mods are just robots.

-Please arrange these in order of importance to you ... work, family, pakpassion, ignoring my posts, sleeping, eating, neighbour's daughter.

Nando’s is missing from this list.

-Who do you think is the key player for the Pak-Ind series?

Shoaib Akhter for Pakistan
Dravid for India.

-If you could kill 1 mod who would it be?

Divide and conquer eh? The whole lot will have to be wiped out before I could get my hands on the PP paypal account.

-What have u got lined up for PP in the future

PP brand merchandising, sponsorship deals, prize competitions, welcome pack for PP’ers.

-What convinced u to join the PP team?

PP is like an online home to me and to join the team was an honour. I will leave the team the day I feel I am not contributing to the website.

-Does your wife know about PP? And what does she think about u visiting PP etc?

Since I became mod, I told her how PP cannot run without me etc, so she thinks I’m this important web master. Seriously though, she has always been aware of my love of Pakistani cricket and visiting PP is not a problem.

She has been very understanding and appreciative of the work that goes
behind PP.

-How do you react to adverse conditions?

I can shut my mind off certain things and pretend all is ok, a trait that comes from my laziness. Helps me cope in testing times e.g. running out of milk for your weetabix.

-Have you ever panicked about anything?

I get embarrassed easily about silly things.

-Why do you avoid my philosophical threads?

I do read them and would love to interact. Given time, I will participate more next time and delete them.

-You come across as a serious, I- mind- my- own- business sort of person. Are you this type in real life as well??

You can say that but it depends on my mood at the time. I like to socialize and have a bit of fun too. PP has enough jokers and clowns. 

-I feel that you don’t really interact with posters as MIG, Oxy and Saj do. Is it because you are primarily the Mkt Manager and then a mod?? Or is it because you have better things to do??? or is it just that I wasn’t a regular and I’ve missed out seeing you "mix" with posters??

Even before I became Mod, I have struggled to keep up with the posts. Before the website migrated from sportnetwork, I believe I interacted more. My primary role is to look after the merchandise side, advertising and sponsorship side of PP.

Thanks for the question; this was tougher than my master’s thesis.