Kenya v West Indies| Warm-up Match | Colombo (RPS)| 12/02/2011

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Sir john

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Feb 12, 2010
kenya world cup journey start here.:105:

:odoyo and tikolo to lead from front.
I'm guessing it won't be on tv but will cricinfo have live coverage?
Can you only be a Kenyan fast bowler if your name starts with O?
Pakistan is playing Kenya the first game right?

Looks like they are going to challenge us alright
let me say hi to the 1st match of world cup 2011. Bring it on Kenya
james nagoche comes to bowl now,he is a spinner,
main spinner is varayia
snr bravo has changed the whole scenario of match. :po:
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Sir john, still Kenya are not doing bad at all. Had Gayle started to dominate, it would have been a totally different score at this point. Kenya has done pretty well so far...
Kenya are too dependant on players..
I think Ireland are better than them
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