Kingusama92 Steps Down from Managerial Position


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Jan 9, 2008
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The rumours are true.

Kingusama92 has decided to walk away from his position as manager of Gawalmandi Gang. Another season without a trophy has left the fans irate.

A team full of stars has failed to deliver.

The manager was seen lacking passion, often using his assistant as a means to select his final team. Murphyslaw79's stepping down has also led to Kingusama92's decision according to sources. Both are good buds from their days in cricket.
Ibad, you saw how little time I was giving to the team. If you find a replacement, please give him my position.

If you really cannot find anyone, I'll keep the position and try to manage my time.
i don't think i may find a lot of new managers. will still try.
Breaking news: KU has just tweeted that he has stepped down as Gawalmandi Gangs' manager so that he can give more time to the Lightning Hawks. :afridi
i don't think i may find a lot of new managers. will still try.

No worries.

I'll always be available, if you can't.

I know how hard it is for you to run this league. I'll always be here to give you support and that means staying on as manager if needed.
Sad to lose these managers.

Hoping Alberto steps up and takes a team.
ML79 has expressed his surprise and disappointment at KU's departure.

Having reversed his own decision due to support from other managers and De Maria going on a hunger strike, ML79 has urged the whole GG team to go on a hunger strike to reinstate KU to the manager position.

These comments were passed as ML79 was seen stuffing his face at KFC.
@KU: i am unable to find other managers easily. I am asking you to re join your team.

You need to confirm your decision by tomorrow.

I hope you stay with your team.
Sky Sports: Rumours coming through that Kingusama92 might have been given a pay raise to stay on board.

Announcement coming up.
With a new gold chain, Kingusama92 walks in.

"I'm back."

AND he leaves.

What a comeback.