Leicestershire vs Ruhunu

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Aug 30, 2010
Abdul razzaq is playing for leicestershire today. hope leicest win as they have a better side than ruhunu that would be able to compete the rest of the league. and more importantly, i really hope they send razzaq up the order unlike yestrday where there wasnt much left for him to do

:razzaq :hammad
fielding??? surely they should have batted first....unless they have practically given up on qualifying!
Jigar Naik - Indian or Pakistani??

anyway got a funny name
Does anyone know what Leics need to do to give themselves a chance of qualifying?

If they bowl these guys out for 100ish then chase it in 14/15 overs, is that enough?
here's the deal - the team that loses this game is out of the tournament. The team that wins goes into a NRR battle with the team that loses the next game against KKR and Somerset. The lucky loser in that game will be luckier though - they will know exactly how badly they can afford to lose. Which is very useful info to have, especially in a T20 game.

This is the same wicket used for day 1. Just wait until the second game, it will be a minefield.
Foxes will need to chase this total down quickly....Razzaq at 3!
too many wides from Foxes today - poor! 15 wides....could be the difference in the end....
Harsha Bhogle is a good cricket writer but boy is he one annoying **** behind the mic. Should not be let near a commentary box.
If this game goes the way of the rest then batting becomes a lot more difficult now.
Ian Chappell seems to be a Razzaq fan. :razzaq

But, oh lawd, he's booring. :boycott
Will be too hard now, ball turning too much.
Shocking decision, was a mile outside off.
Taylor is going to be bad here, he's clueless vs spinners.
LOOOOL Razzaq never forgives the dropped catches. :razzaq
Rofl another dropped catch hahahahahaha
Razzaq gone, not playing for his average :sachin
Wilkins is an idiot of the highest order. 'Why is he doing this?' Because they need to win as quick as possible.
Oh no, Jacques Du Toit is crap. Will do an 1(27) and get out. :facepalm:
Silva and Gunaratne have terrible actions, they are chucking half their balls. The legacy of Murali?
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