Looking for a cheap bat & pads on sale !!!!!


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Oct 22, 2009
Hi guys,

I am looking for a cheap bat, any half decent bat would do as I am not really fussy about the bat. I have been to owzat cricket shop & cricket direct but they are bit expensive.

My budget is around 130 to 150 quid. I liked GM Icon 808 but any grade 2 willow would do.

Thanks in advance:afridi
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JazakAllah Khair for making a thread here.

Icon 808 is 140 itself and then you will have to add extra quids.

If you go for Icon 808 you won't have enough money left for good pads. I recommend good pads because they offer as good protection as the price tag, hence, I suggest them because it is better safe than sorry.
Check out Uzi sports, then go to clearance, you will probably find a good bat on the list especially a plain one. There are also some BAS enigma Pads on sale at £35.