Looking for a new bat!


ODI Debutant
Nov 15, 2012
Hi guys, I am looking for a new bat as my gn100 scoop wears away, hence I need a new stick urgently. I thought it would be wise to ask some of the experts on this forum, so let me tell you about my style of play.
I mostly open and dominantly play on the offside but I can also pull and hook very well. I love driving the ball through the covers.:nasir
No specific price range, but I want a Pakistan-made stick.
Ca plus 15000 k ( i own one and its the best bat iv ever seen in real life or picked up Kookburra Khana 800 on a par with it) The CA plus 15k good pick up for your pull and hook and for driving the ball it is a beast only problem is as its soft wood be careful can break easily or a bubber sher limited edition another option great grains and pick is fantastic too they are for me the best bats around
Just curious about the price- how much does the 15000 cost in Pakistan? Been hearing a lot of good things about that bat lately.