Marcus Trescothick talks about bats

Thanks for sharing it Sami, worth listening I would say.

Quite interesting to see that he prefers the look as one of the most important factor when trying out a bat plus the handle.

Not too fussed by pcikup and balance I would say.

I would be interested in seeing how Mongoose sort out handle for him in MMi3.

Will it be round from top and bottom and oval from middle? :O

It would be great if someone insightful tells us here
After I read that he applies a few strips of elastoplast down the back of his handle to build up the bottom half, I started doing it instead of using grips.
So you and him just applied on the back not on the front?

But the new Lekka Xtrax grips seem to the trick, don't they ?
fantastic player, one of the most talented batsmen of recent years, and easily the best amongst English players.

wish he was still playing at intl. level :(
Only down the back, might add half of a really thin grip to see what the effect is one day.