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Jun 1, 2001
Combined questions: How old are you? Whats your name?
(Age) 17, (name) Rawal.

Question: Is there anything or anyone that really 'ticks' you off?
There are quite a few things but to name one particular will be difficult. Perhaps narrow-mindedness, extremism and 'Jahaliyat' of other people. Racism is also something which really 'ticks' me off.

Combined questions: Did you have the long locks of Dhoni, when they were popular? (By locks i mean hair!)? Do you have hair like Dhoni?
Tried to have them (back in 2005, something like June-July) but it caused me immense headache everyday and gave up the idea immediately. Right now, I don´t have hair like him.

Question: Do you act anything like Dhoni?
No, I don´t act like him either.

Question: Do you look like Dhoni?
No, I don´t think so, at least.

Question: Are you Dhoni?
Definitely not, if you mean DHONI183 then yes. But yes, I think myself to be the President of Dhoni´s Fan Club.

Question: Tell the truth, the ultimate one .Are u an Indian or a pakistani?
The ultimate truth is that I´m a Pakistani. I have been clarifying this now ever since joining PP.

Question: Why is dhoni ur fav player?
Because he is a wonderful, dashing, daring, gutsy, fighting cricketer and has been my favourite ever since scoring his maiden ODI ton.

Question: Whats so special about dhoni, why not afridi?
I have already stated the reasons for Dhoni being my favourite. As for Afridi, I really don´t consider him to a cricketer but only someone who can pull the crowd towards himself only by his hitting abilities. He to me is an insult to cricket and just a brainless slogger whose game can be predicted even by someone who doesn´t even know anything of cricket (sorry to Afridi-ites but I have to speak straight-forwardly in an Interview at least). I feel absolutely devastated seeing his fan-following in Pakistan. The very thought of a good future for Pakistan team, its governing body and fans perishes when I see this man being cheered whenever he walks out to the middle. 250 plus matches and an average of 23....... pity!

Question: Who is better - Shahid afridi or Dhoni?
I actually don´t think I need to answer that seriously but I will still do it - as a player it´s Mahendra Singh Dhoni undoubtedly.

Questions: Is Afridi more exciting then Dhoni? Question: Is Afridi a better six hitter then Dhoni?
Let me combine the answer to both these questions. Well Dhoni is definitely more exciting if you see it as a batsman´s point of view because of the way he takes those ones, twos and picks those needful boundaries, otherwise Afridi is a more exciting slogger. And yes, Afridi is a better "Close-Your-Eyes-And-Swing-It" hitter. Dhoni is a specialist who can clear the boundary ropes when needed mostly.

Question: Why should i ask u questions?..
Why should I tell you why you should ask me a question? And yes, was that the only question you needed to ask me? If yes, then why?
why entered the Interview thread when you had nothing to ask but rather asked me to ask you why you need to ask me anything???
And in the end, Is your question answered rightly??? ............. *Enough I think!!*.......

Question: Does my bad mouthing this Dhoni guy, annoy you?
Not really. Why it really doesn´t annoy me is because you mostly mean it as a joke. By the way, jokingly or not but it never annoys me. I just respect it as an opinion from someone else, that´s all! You will never see me defending in each and every thread despite being such a big fan of his.

Question: Would you rather watch Afridi bat or Dhoni if your sitting at home watching it on the tele?
Dhoni over Afridi, anyday, anytime, any place.

Question: Do you play much cricket in Germany, are there any clubs that you play for?
No, I simply don´t play cricket, I rather prefer to watch it and discuss on it. I´m just one of those arm-chair critics who has immense passion for the game. And as for clubs, well I don´t think there are any.

Question: How’s living in Germany, if there was any other place in the world that you would like to live, where would it be?
Well the life here in Germany is very busy, fast and enjoyable! I love it here! And yes, I don´t like travelling a lot but if destined to then I would like to go to some beautiful, entertaining places like Sydney, New York, Paris, Switzerland, Mecca, Medina etc.

Question: What would you do if Dhoni was dropped from the Indian team?
If he would be dropped it will have definite reasons like poor form, and if he really gets dropped for it in future all I will wish for is for him to regain his touch and be back in the side. If he really goes through a poor run of form like Saurav Ganguly went then he will deservedly be dropped and he will have to perform at the domestic-level to show that.

Question: How many MS Dhoni posters do you have around the house?
None. His pictures on PC are enough for me.

Question: Do your parents like cricket? If so what are their favourite player's?
They don´t like cricket because they absolutely love it! Players like Lara, Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Imran, Botham, Richards, Chappell and few more are/were their favourites.

Question: Who writes your "breaking news" stories for you? Why don't you do it more often - not enough money to payer the writer?
I write them myself. I think one edition in a month is enough. Couldn´t write one for March though but April´s edition was out recently in which the real Beast was revealed.

Question: Whats your fav city in Germany, India (cities/grounds where Dhoni has scored 100s do not count) and Pakistan........ and why? My fav in city in Germany is Berchtesgaden. Have you been to Berchtesgaden?
My favourite city in Germany is Frankfurt, for the Pakistanis and Indians we have there. And in Pakistan it´s got to be Lahore, you really enjoy your life there! I have never been to India and thus can´t really say which one is my favourite from it. If ever went to India I would like to see Mumbai, Delhi etc. And yes, I never been to Berchtesgaden (I heard the name for the first time honestly).

Question: What do you do in your spare time.... when you are not posting at PP or writing "breaking news" or "Cricinfo pages about Afridi"?
Firstly, let me tell you that I don´t have spare time. Even if I visit PP it has to be one of my goals as well. When I´m on PP it doesn´t mean I´m having some spare time, I come here to spread love, friendship, to defend Islam and to appreciate good cricket.

Question: Dhoni is #1 in you list of players. List top 15 please in the order of your liking? (lets see how many Pakistani players you list!)
It´s difficult to name only 15 players since cricket has been represented by some great cricketers. But to state things clearly, let tell you that Dhoni doesn´t carry the first spot. I´m just a big, die-hard fan of his. Ranked superior to him are those who are all-time greats. But my all-time batsman is Sachin Tendulkar and bowler is Wasim Akram. But the way succes has touched Dhoni´s feet, the way he has been one of the top stars of modern cricket and the way he has been batting, keeping and captaining the side it won´t take him a much long period of time before being my all-time favourite.

Question: What are the 5 things you like about PP?
1. Administer/Moderators and their work, the balance they try to keep.
2. Posters and their behaviour.
3. I also appreciate how non-Pakistani posters are welcome here to post anything. And hats off to those non-Pakistani posters for the way they behave here and respect our opinion.
4. Hussain´s highly attractive posts in the "Time-Pass" section which keep most of us on our toes.
5. The religious and cricketing insight you get here is very helpful.

Question: What are the 5 things you'd like improved about PP - besides wanting me to disappear from it?
Though we do have a friendly banter between us but that doesn´t at all doesn´t mean I want you to be disapeared.
As for improvement on PP, I seriously can´t name any. Anyway, Moderators have been doing quite a fair job and have been sincere to their work. So they already work enough on the site to avoid us of being given any headaches. If ever got any idea to improve PP I will be more than happy to add a suggestion thread.

Question: Why do you post at PP?
As I have mentioned before that I come here to spread love and friendship, to appreciate good cricket and discuss further aspects of the game. I also post here not only to defend Islam but also to gain more helpful knowledge on religious matters.

Question: Lets say Dhoni starts dropping catches, stops scoring runs and gets dropped......... will he still be your fav player?
I do not choose such players as to be my favourites. There is no particular player in my favourites´ list who underwent any such horrific period in his career. When I start liking a new player I first confirm whether he is a future star or not. So in that case Dhoni won´t be faced with such fate, I assure you of that.

Question: Have you ever met a person whome you both care for beyond your imagination but hate just as much?
No, not as yet at least.

Question: Apart from dhoni who else do you like in the current indian team??
Quite a few of the Indian players are my favourites. Like Tendulkar, Yuvraj (ODIs), Pathan, Sehwag (Tests), Dravid (Tests), Ganguly (Tests), Laxman (Tests) etc.

Question: Where do you see dhoni in the next 5 years??
A big, well respected star. Not only his batting or his glovework which has earned some praise by some highly prolific players of the past but it´s his captaincy which I see as to be the biggest plus point and the one which will shine a lot in the future as well. After a long time India has found such a fighting, gutted, spirited leader who marshalls his troops so well. I see him to be a more famous captain for India than Kapil Dev even.

Question: Recently there has been 'some' criticism about dhoni playing in the test side and if he's worth persisting with, he's currently averaging 33.76 (9x50's / 1x100's), what is your opinion on this??
If he improves then he can hold onto his place but if he is still on a downfall after some time then better be a bit harsh on him. Though, currently he still is the best available option that India have at the moment at least. Dinesh Karthik and Parthiv Patel just faded away.

Question: If you was to ever have a boxing match from 1 person on PP who would you fight and why??
I wouldn´t like to have fight with anyone but if a boxing-match will be organized I will choose Saj to fight with, so that after I win I will be able to say "I defeated the boss of PP!"

Question: Who is your fave player from the pakistani squad at present??
Quite a lot of them. But at the top are Misbah-Ul-Haq, Umar Gul and Mohammad Asif.

Question: Your favourite player is dhoni but your a pakistani supporter do you ever get critised for not supporting a pakistani player instead??
I used to be a big fan of few of the Pakistan players of 1990s (Akram in particular) but the players in the current Pakistan team mostly disappoint you with their on and off the field behaviour. I´m soneone who likes those players who are not only great on the field but ideals off it as well. I like those who represent their country in a right way, those who can be looked upon by youngsters like me as to be their idols while growing up. And current Pakistan players have failed to impress me this way. One joins ICL, other takes drugs, other is a spoil-brat, one hits his team-mates, they attend Match Referee´s hearing after every match etc. So my conscious doesn´t allow me to blindly idolize them. And as for criticizing, well, why should anyone have any objection to it? It´s just my choice of player.

Question: Can you post a scanned copy of your passport? I wanna see your place of birth - if it is not Germany! If it is Germany, can you post your dad's?
Mate, you are most welcome to visit Germany and come to our place. I will then tell all the history of my ancestors as well as would give you the permission to hold my passport in your hand to believe it for your eyes that I´m a Pakistani. If you still don´t believe it then you might have to wait six months or so to believe because I´m working on a project to serve Pakistan. Then you might even see that I´m actually a more patriotic and a better Pakistani than you (I´m not degrading your patriotism though)!

Question: This is my 10th question from you. I have NEVER asked anybody so many questions. Can you guess why?
I´m very happy that you asked me so many questions and I´m grateful to you for showing so much love towards me. As far as this "Why" is concerned, I think it´s my friendly behaviour, love and brotherhood which attracted you towards me.

Question: Show me 5 threads you have started on Pakistan cricket or players?
If threads and posts were to be the evidence of your love towards the particular person should that mean Dr. Naseem Ashraf is your favourite since you start lots of threads on him.

Question: As you are very friendly, I'm sure you must have some have you made any friends on PP and why do you like them? What's so special about them?
All the PPers are my friends actually but there are few close ones as well, and the thing I like about them is the care and love they have for me.

Question: Have you ever had debates on cricket with girls before (girls who actually follow cricket as a sport and not the men)?
No, I never had any debates with a girl on cricket. Actually, I think their interest and knowledge of the game is too limited to have debates on it (though few girls absolutely stun you with their knowledge of the game). It´s sad that majority of the girls follow only the players. Girls should rather learn a lesson from us, men, we don´t watch women´s cricket to see the girls.

Question: If you had to choose between having to meet MS Dhoni or the girl of your dreams who would you choose (and please dont say MSD IS the girl of your dreams hehe kidding)
I would definitely prefer meeting Dhoni. The reasons being that 'dream girls are a lot of them but there´s only one Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the world'.

Question: 3 Positive and Negative things about Pakistan and Germany?
Let´s start with Pakistan: Negatives - Corrupt politicians, no secularism, no religious freedom. Positives - Hospitality, brotherhood, .patriotism.
Germany: I don´t find any negatives about Germany to be honest. Postives - Hard working people, socialism, freedom.

Question: Do you like cheese?
I like everything. If I don´t want to eat anything I don´t dislike it at least.

Question: Do you like crackers?
Everything which can be harmful to others I dislike it. So I only like if it doesn´t harm others.

Question: If your were made chairman of PCB...what would be the first 3 things you will do?
Zero tolerance towards indisipline, better payments not only for the national players but also for domestic-level cricketers, more acadamies, coaches, grounds for the rural areas.

Question: Is it the sex appeal or his talent that u like the most??? (should start some controversy!)
It´s his talent for what I like him. Sex appeal doesn´t matter to me.

Question: Do you think we can globalize cricket in other countries for eg. Canada, Russia, China, USA etc...
Surely, if we globalize Twenty20-cricket.

Question: Does Dhoni pay you to be his fan?
Sometimes, when I over-defend him. Jokes aside, yeah, he give his breath-taking stroke-play, brilliant batting, wonderful keeping and great tactics as a captain in return.

Question: How do you see World after 10 years?
The way the world is developing I think after a decade or so people will be faxed and scanned to other countries. You will just log on to your email account and bring your relatives out of the computer screen to chat with them and will be able to send them back. Many lost beloved ones of yours will be found on Mars, Jupiter etc. The dearth of oil will make people ride on donkeys to travel.

Question: Share something about yourself that no one has asked in this interview and no one in PP knows about it.
The things revealed to you are those which aren´t too personal, and things which are kept hidden are too personal to be revealed.

Question: What kind of Dhoni you like most? Dhoni the batsman, the wkt keeper, the Captain or the celebrity who is highest paid IPL player or a blend of all of these
I like him when he is keeping, I like him when is batting, I admire his captaincy and love the fame he is getting. So a mixture of everything there.

Question: Your dream girl?
Either not sent to the planet or isn´t revealed to me as yet.

Question: When u getting maried?
I have left to The Almighty to decide. Haven´t thought of it as yet anyway. But don´t worry you all will be invited to it.

Question: Single or taken? (I am asking for the girls not for my self)
Girls can ask me themselves, they shouldn´t be required of your help.

Question: Hardest problem in ur life?
It does not remain a problem once I face it, I turn the side of it other way around which signals a solution.

Question: Best ever match u watched?
Best matches I have ever watched live on TV are:
Test: 2nd Test at Sydney between Australia and India. ODI: Pakistan vs India, Karachi 2004. Twenty20: Pakistan vs India Group Match of the Championship.

Question: If u had a chance to meet afridi or dhoni who would it be?
When I can sacrifice a meeting with my dream girl for Dhoni then what´s Afridi?

Question: Are you really a pakistani , very hard to believe that a pakistani like dhoni?
There are things which are difficult to believe but you still believe in them, and there are things which are believable but you don´t want to believe. Mine is the latter of the two cases.

Question: Since you are a pakistani, how do you feel when you watch Dhoni smash the daylights out of a Pakistani bowling attack?
I actually want Dhoni to score every single run that goes into Indian batsmen´s account but Pakistan to win the match as well. But sadly enough only on few of the occasions both the things happened.

Question: Where do u see urself in 10 yrs time?
Amongst the most 10 successful persons on the planet (hopefully).

Question: Your thoughts about IPL and ICL?
To tell you the truth, I´m seriously not interested in ICL at all. It´s more of a league made for oldies, retired and for those who had their international careers finished. Got a bit interested seeing Lahore Baadshahs play but the last edition with three teams was very boring and seemed like a fixed one. I really do think it´s end of the road for the 'Rebel' League since the Professional League has kicked off. As for IPL, it´s just the start, let´s see what happens further. But it will keep cricket fans more interested into the game. It will also provide us with more Twenty20 matches. However, it really annoyed me to see how Bollywood Stars have been attached to it.

Question: Ar you happy in life and what would be the one thing u would like to change in the world?
I´m very happy in my life and thank Allah every moment for having blessed me with this. One thing I would like to end rather than change is terrorism

Question: Whats ur motto for life?
"Show people the right path, if they see it (I will) be pleased, otherwise leave them to their own."
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Interesting!! I always thought you were Indian :))

I'd like to know your opinion about 'MOMs' :msd is collecting
Member Interviews > Dhoni183

So much has changed in my thoughts..... I was quite famous to be interviewed when I was as young as seven months on the forum.

I'd like to know your opinion about 'MOMs' :msd is collecting

Well, are were fair I think apart from the one at Delhi against Pakistan:msd.
I'm glad they put this forum in. It's good to a) know a bit more about the people we share this forum with; and b) interesting to see how certain people have changed since they have been here. The PP impact :D
Member Interviews > Dhoni183

I'm glad they put this forum in. It's good to a) know a bit more about the people we share this forum with; and b) interesting to see how certain people have changed since they have been here. The PP impact :D


As far as the change in thought process is concerned, yes it can be attributed to PP as well, but it has a lot to do with the fact that my own mind is my biggest opponent and I ponder a lot in my life about a lot of issues.
If you still don´t believe it then you might have to wait six months or so to believe because I´m working on a project to serve Pakistan.

What are the details of this project?
Member Interviews > Dhoni183

@DHONI183:-Did any of your views change during the time after this interview? If so,what?

I don´t think I can pinpoint anything in particular, but I am a changed personality in general. Here is one example however.....

..... I made a statement in my interview that that "ICL matches seemed fixed to me". Now that was a needless and rubbish thing to say on my part as I simply do not have any evidence to make that claim. I take my words back immediately after I re-read my interview once again.

Age and developed thinking always helps I suppose:).

^ ^

If I get interviewed again, you will notice the differences in my views.
Dropped! :kami

That isn't nice,but I respect your wish and opinion.
I am just curious to know about the project. Can you tell me the idea of this project and how you were going to make this project successful? It is completely up to you to answer this question,of course.:azhar
Wow! How did I miss this gem?

Ok Dhoni bhai who would you rather meet now? MSD or Your Dream Girl Ellyse Perry :waqar

BTW I didn't know you hated Afridi this much. :(
Member Interviews > Dhoni183

That isn't nice,but I respect your wish and opinion.
I am just curious to know about the project. Can you tell me the idea of this project and how you were going to make this project successful? It is completely up to you to answer this question,of course.:azhar

Let's just say that I have forgotten the details by now. ;-)

Wow! How did I miss this gem?

Ok Dhoni bhai who would you rather meet now? MSD or Your Dream Girl Ellyse Perry :waqar

BTW I didn't know you hated Afridi this much. :(

I have admired A MS Dhoni in a different way, which is why I would definitely go for Ellyse Perry:heart::53::p.

As for Shahid Afridi, I think you need to read my post in the confession thread where I have stated how I became a fan of the guy from 2009.

To expand on it further, I only watch Pakistan`s batting when he bats.
May Allah swt grant you Jannah and give your loved ones Sabir.