Member Interview : PakPassion's man at Heathrow, moiez_no1

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Aug 12, 2009
I'm glad to present interview which PakPassion and its fan did with moiez_no1.

Moiez, does not require any introduction either. Nearly every PPers know him, some might know him personally as well :). For those who don't know Moiez is PakPassion's Man at Heathrow and over the years he has met lots of celebrities, cricketers etc.

Anyways, here is interview which was done with Moiez.


PakPassion.Net: How did you get to know about PakPassion?

Back in 2005 I was just randomly googling about cricket and I came across PakPassion.

PakPassion.Net: How will you repay the world with your new-found fame and fortune?

If I was too rich and had ample cash then I will give all of it to charity.

PakPassion.Net: Can you upgrade me to Business or First Class?

Not possible for me as I don't work for an airline.

PakPassion.Net: Are your meetings by chance or do you know beforehand (by checking the lists) that a certain person is coming?

In the beginning most of them use to be by chance but now I know most airlines staff and the security side of things so for some I do know before hand.

PakPassion.Net: Why do you never smile?

Its my pose for the pictures but I have recently starting smiling in them now :).

PakPassion.Net: When you do meet the Pakistani players, do you speak to them in English, Urdu, Punjabi? Any players whom you couldn't understand or they couldn't understand you?

I speak Urdu and Punjabi with them they have all been understandable.

PakPassion.Net: Did you watch 'Come fly with me' on tv and what did you think of that character called 'Taj'?

Nope, I have never watched it but iI have heard of it.

PakPassion.Net: Whats the technique? Do you see a celebrity and say right game on and dive in, don't give up until you get a photo? Or do you play the patient game? You must have some sort of preparation.

Well I make sure the celebrity is free so I wait for them patiently until I approach them. I don't want to disturb and irritate them.

PakPassion.Net: Have you had a celebrity see you and you see them at the same time and the celebrity is like not him again and darts for it with you on the chase?

I have had celebrity seen me twice or three times before but they don't run away or say anything.

PakPassion.Net: How do you keep going? How do you manage to take pictures or meet with a celebrity even though you are sure that this person is not interested or is rude or is unfriendly?What goes on in your mind?

Its simple I just approach them and take it from there on what I want to talk about or take a picture with them. I'm not afraid to approach as I think in my mind may not see this person again in my life and here's my chance.

PakPassion.Net: Why do you wear an earring? And do you have a beard for Religious reasons or for fashion purpose?

I wear earring for fashion and my beard is not for Religious reasons its just a change in my style as I had my lines for too long

PakPassion.Net: How exactly did you find yourself working in a job like this? Was it planned? or did you just end up and doing it and realize later the fringe benefits of it? And how long do you think you'll continue in this line of work?

No, I don't think I will be doing this job for rest of my life. I want to look elsewhere, I found this job by chance as I was looking out for a job.

PakPassion.Net: When will you buy a decent camera? Your frames are superb, but captured poorly.

I will probably buy a new phone with a good camera as I have sold my HTC Desire HD and am using BlackBerry these days. However, some shots are from my friends camera or digital camera from home

PakPassion.Net: Do your coworkers also take pictures/receive autographs from famous celebrities passing through? Or it's just you? Either way, describe how you felt when you asked the very first celebrity for a picture/autograph while working at your current job? Who was the very first person to take a picture with you at the airport (talking about celebrities here of course)?

Some of my co-workers do take pictures with celebrities and some don't. The first celebrity I met was Shahrukh Khan 11 years ago when when I was 13 years old at Piccadilly Circus in Burger King and at the airport was either Brian Lara or Imran Khan, I can't recall who it was exactly.

PakPassion.Net: Have PPers ever approached you during work?

Yes, I have had over 25 to 30 approach me randomly shouting my name. May Allah Bless them all of them are so sweet and generous to share few words with me. The very first PPer I met was rhussain33.

PakPassion.Net: What is a usual day like at work? What is the best/worst experience you had at work (this does not have to be related to celebrity encounters)?

I am Team Leader/Manager and my work includes to make sure my team works well and on pre-security requirements for passengers and general passenger help and advise

PakPassion.Net: You have obviously met loads of cricketers, out of all who has been the best cricketer you have met?

The best cricketer who I have met has been Rana Naveed Ul Hasan.

PakPassion.Net: Since you have met countless number of cricketers, celebrities etc over the year, who has been the nicest person?

There are two celebrities who I would name and they are John Abraham and Shahrukh Khan.

PakPassion.Net: Who was the most likeable celebrity you met?

The two are Shahid Afridi and Susmeta Sen.

PakPassion.Net: Who was the most decent and respectful person you met from the Pakistan team?

Not going to single out individuals but all of them have been decent to me and I have never had any problems with anyone as each and every one of them is very friendly guy.

PakPassion.Net: Which Pakistani Cricketers you have enjoyed meeting the most?

Shahid Afridi and Imran Khan. These two have been awesome and would always meet them if I get a chance again. So face I have met both of them three times each.

PakPassion.Net: Which celebrity that you have met was the most rudest?

Sourav Ganguly, most of you guys have probably seen the thread I created, I wouldn't want to meet him again.

PakPassion.Net: Who is the one celebrity you really want to meet but have not had the chance to do so?

Katrina Kaif, I would like to meet her.

PakPassion.Net: Have you ever met a music/movie celebrity?

Yes I have and I have also created a thread in time pass section where I post updates of all of music, movie etc celebrities I have met.

Here is link for the thread;

PakPassion.Net: Why don't you take pictures with female celebrities?

I have taken pictures with female celebrities as well, check this thread;

PakPassion.Net: Has anyone asked you to pose with them?

Yes, few of them such as Metz & Trix (Punjabi Singers), Imran Khan, Shoaib Akthar and Shahid Afridi.

PakPassion.Net: If you could choose three celebrities to walk through the door, who would you choose?

Shahid Afridi, Katrina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan

PakPassion.Net: Has anyone refused to take a picture? If so, did it lead to any altercations?

Yes, one personality which was Sonali Bendre, Bollywood actress. She was a fly-out and was with her child, so she refused for a picture as she was in a rush.

PakPassion.Net: Do you have any funny stories to tell?

When I met Rana Naveed, we got carried away with the hot drinks at the cafe. So later he was running late so we literally had started to run through the duty free as the flight was closing and he was the last guy to board the flight and just made it :)).

Mohammed Yousuf was jokes when I met him for the first time speaking proper Lahori-Punjabi and telling me to pose with Umar Akmal :)

Meeting Amir Khan the boxer first time had to break the security rules as he was about to board BAA security was called down as I chilled out with him before the boarding in the lounge but Amir backed me up and I was let off by the security as I already knew the manager ;)

PakPassion.Net: If Saurav Ganguly shows up again, will you interview him again?

I would not bother meeting people like him.

PakPassion.Net: Which celebrities actually look good in person and which don't look as good as they appear on TV?

John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Shahid Afridi, Imran Khan, H Dhami , Kayne West and Sonali Bendre they all look good as they are on tv. The bad looking ones are Susmeta Sen and Shahrukh Khan.

PakPassion.Net: Any weird enquiries at work from a passenger?

Well there are loads of them but the most common one was "Where is the Terminal?" This was asked when they were already at the terminal :)).

PakPassion.Net: Have you always lived in UK (i.e. born and bred in UK)?

Nope, I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Moved to UK when I was 4.

PakPassion.Net: What is your educational background?

I'm a computers guy love the technology been to university then dropped out :).

PakPassion.Net: Which other sports are you into (if any) apart from cricket?

Football and Snooker.

PakPassion.Net: Which other sports are you into (if any) apart from cricket?


PakPassion.Net: Thank you very much for your time.

First of all, I would like to thank PakPassion and the users who have created such a website where people can put there views and opinions within the limits for all type of topics that are discussed not only cricket :).

Also I have a great time meeting PPers at the airport or near about areas and cricketing events around the UK. Honestly, without you guys I am nothing so I'm glad that you guys have liked my pictures and threads. Obviously there will be people hating me so I would like to say to them feel free say what ever you like you have your opinions but it wouldn't trigger me off because I love PakPassion and the users :).

Once again many thanks to everyone from my heart :).

Great interview but I have only one question.

Ghalib film dekhi hai aap ne? :))

jk. Well done Team. Was very informative :)