ODI Debutant
Feb 19, 2005
Q.Would you care to tell us a bit about yourself

MIG: I am a middle aged father of 3 boys (Mashallah) - struggling to make ends the backwaters of Bahrain !

I love to watch cricket - am an average ( or below) avereage cricketer myself - also love playing tennis with my eldest son ( aka TheSonOfMIG: ).

Other than that, watch movies, reading - and love the hot weather here!

Q. What got you interested in cricket

MIG: Like all Pak kids, watched it on TV - also my brother is in the cricket equipment business (commercial follows... we return after the break) . Anyway back home, went to see a few live matches in Karachi and so on.,,

Q. Your favourite bowler?and why

MIG: Hmmm. Abdul Razzaq ! Why ? He has one of the smoothest actions in cricket and plays his cricket with such calmness - plus I met him in Lahore...I copy his action and want my son to bowl like him ( he wants to bowl like Malinga lafanga )

Q. Razzaq your favourite bowler of all time?

MIG: Well after Imran , of course...

Q. Any particular cricketer who inspired you

MIG: Has to be Imran Khan ! What a cricketer - an inspiration for his and many generations after him....

Q. How have your standards changed from that age to this one for evaluating the cricketers

MIG: My standards have remained the same - I come from a family where people have put the nation in front of their own families ! I only expect the best from our cricketers - do or die trying - nothing less!

Q. Imran, as I recall, was never a very pious man, infact was quite the playboy in his heyday and Shoaib is quite like him, however I have seen you criticise players for off-field activities quite often. Do you keep that against Imran too?

MIG: I think Imran has a special place in many Pakistanis' hearts - I have met Mullahs who would do anything to shake his hands ! Something about Imran, I suppose that even when he had that playboy image and indulged in "questionable" activities, it was kinda Ok - But Shoaib - there is something about him and the showmanship which Imran never had - thats what get me going ! Ok double standards, but thats me !

Q. So you agree there are double standards there

MIG: sheepishly - yes !

Q. Is it fair then to say that all your moralistic posts are nothing but a mere manifestation of your personal likes or dislikes that could be there for other reasons perhaps?

MIG: I write my my moralistic posts because I believe that PPs audience/membership is one that is on the youngish side. I feel it my job as an elder to help them see some issues in a non-hip way - some people can understand that, some feel I am overbearing - I suppose that comes from being a parent! Of course I believe in the stuff I write - I am very honest that way!

Q. Honesty is only valid if it does not bear double standards but you are clearly resorting to different criteria for judging people based on your likes/dislikes. Dont you think the younger ones would be better off with consistent standards than double?

MIG: Well , If may say so, most of us practice double standards in some shape or form - in one breath we can talk about the validity of Ahadith but next moment we are quite happy to talk of drugs sex etc like they were good things! Its human nature and I am not immune to it. I try and minimize that deficiency but it exists !

Q. Discussing ahadiths and then sex/drugs is relevant only if you say i believe sex should not be done and then you go off and in another thread resort to it

MIG: But you do ? dont you ! not you personally...

Q. So you are still giving the younger generation the idea that double standards is part of life, that takes away the nobility of the cause doesnt it?

MIG: No, all I am saying is that there are standards that we should follow for whatever reasons - just because someone like me doesnt follow it - it doesnt make the actual stand wrong ?

Q. If you practicse double standards, then the morality you preach, is fundamentally unsound, wouldnt you agree? specially when you apply it, like Akhtar and Imran's case

MIG: That I cant argue with. But like of Imran V Akhtar is due to the fact that I grew up at a time when it was a sin to question Imran !Coming back to what I preach ( I dont preach do I ?) - I try and give people a message which is based on sound principles - if I dont practice it to the fullest - well shame on me ! but I do try!

Q. What actualy happens is that you criticise players for being bad and then you adore another who was bad himself. That is going to set a bad precedent, no?

MIG: Well I never admired Imrans palyboy lifestyle ! But I dont condone him for that either. With Akhtar, I fear that its more than the lifestyle - it seems to be a complete disregard for his and his teams welfare. Maybe Akhtars antics are well publicized in todays media age - dont know what I would have thought of Imran in todays media world .

Q. So if the good offsets the bad, its ok?

MIG: The greater good my friend - thats always been the guiding light for societies !

Q. Have you pointed that out vehemently as well?

MIG: Nope - never got the chance but will do so next time

Q. Have you ever been in love

MIG: Not really but I suppose as a married person I have to say yes But I do love my children!

Q. So never in romantic love before marriage?

MIG: Didnt get a chance ! All boys school ( know what you are thinking !) and a similar Uni in Saudi !

Q. How do you think you have changed over the years

MIG: ah - well much more wiser ( grey hairs etc ) but I dont lose my temper that easily - infact pride myself on being a cool guy when everyone is shouting !

Q. In your youth, you used to lose temper more easily then?

MIG: Not anymore than the average Joe but yeah had a few issues...

Q. for example

MIG: road rage !!! nothing serious but a lot of tail gating etc bad bad habits !

Q. So is this where your sense of humor comes in? Do you resort to humor to cool yourself off? Is it your defense mechanism?

MIG: All the time - for example my wife is shouting for me to get off the PC now - but I am smiling away ( dont know why she has a knife but all in good fun !)

Q. So deep down you could be raging for all we know, when you're giving us the humorous posts?

MIG: Life is too short to be worrying about anything so try and keep rage out of it - infact havent experienced rage for about a year now !

Q. This sounds like anger management therapy

MIG: yes and it works ! should try it ( which you do I think )

Q. How do you deal with disappointments and injustices of life

MIG: As long as I am breathing/good health my family is well and we are laughing - there is NO injustice that can hurt you ! Yes you read things in the paper etc - thats natural but NO personal disappointment ever fazes me

Q. You have mentioned in the past that your son might also join PP, do you keep that in mind when you post? Sort of present a good image of yourself to your son?

MIG: Well , I pride myself on good manners ! no swearing etc so yes, in a way I am conscious not of my son but of many others who may be close to my sons age!

Q. So all your posts are made for the sake of the young generation, they dont reveal the real you perhaps?

MIG: No they do - you have to look closely tho! The Only real posts from my heart are the TSN ones !

Q. What was the inspiration behind TSN, when and how did you start

MIG: The Onion !!! Thats the only inspiration - I knew I had a funny bone somewhere - just needed to put it to good use - along came PP and then the obvious silliness associated with Waheed Khan ! voila ! TSN was born !

Q. I have noticed that you do not change your opinions and almost never re-evaluate them, even if you might be in the wrong, you never seem to think that you could be wrong

MIG: Really ? A lot of people tell me I flip flop all the time !

Q. No, on quite a few issues, your stance remains the same and you dont budge

MIG: Well there is a possibility that I might be right - I like to explore that once in a while!

Q. That implies a lack of interest in truth and more in being right, dont you think thats a negative trait

MIG: Well....I believe I am right based on certain facts that I put forward ! Everyone likes to believe they are right - I am no exception. I have recently changed my mind on Akhtar being a useful member of the team when fit - I didnt say that before!

Q. So, you are justifying every flaw by saying that its a common trait? Is that the message you want to send out?

MIG: I am saying that I am not Perfect ! Sorry to disappoint everyone ( including Marooned who has a hand in this !)

Q. But shouldnt you be vying for perfection rather than sitting back and saying, everyone is doing it and so am I?

MIG: I do "vye" for perfection. But I am honest enough to accept that there is a chance that I may NOT be perfect. But I dont want to hold anyone else from reaching that level of perfection ...

Q. Do you ever self-introspect?

MIG: All the time - infact too many times but nothing comes out of it !

Q. you said "I MAY not be perfect", why the 'may'?

MIG: Because.... Perfection belongs to whom ??? The Almighty - of course !

Q. So you should have siad I AM not perfect but you said "MAY"

MIG: I may not be as perfect as I want to be , I suppose ....

Q. Are you an egotistical person, even though everyone else might be?

MIG: I dont really care for my own ego - I think being egotistical hurts more people and doesnt make friends.

Q. So you are not an egotist?

MIG: Nope! how do you spot one ?

Q. you look at someone who doesnt budge from his opinions and thats a sign

MIG: Uh-oh! Its that Marooned and his flaming Lara thingy !

Q. What have you learnt about people from PP

MIG: All kinds of people but my impression of Pak youth has improved quite a lot.

Q. what impression did you have pre-PP and what is it now

MIG: Pre PP - Pak youth slobs, limited command of proper English - unable to string together 2 sentences without going Yo or Yeah ( sort of like MiggyBro) - And being on PP for a while - realized that a lot of very intelligent and articulate people are there

Q. How do you think you have contributed to PP

MIG: Made it into a more brighter place - broken some rules but made humor a good thing on a cricket forum. Tell u the truth, with my limited knowledge of cricket - couldnt see me lasting ( or being chased off ) on some more serious forums ! But as a Mod, put into place some kind of order as well ( not all agree with it of course...)

Q. What annoys you the most about yourself?

MIG: I get bullied too easily ! Need to stand for myself and give some back....

Q. Do you feel the generation gap with your kids now, as they are growing up? how do you cope with it

MIG: I listen to rap music and talk to ADI101010

Q. So you're saying your kids are like adi?

MIG: Nope...but I imagine they will attain that quality in the next few years so wanna be ready - be their friend etc...

Q. Why do you always feel like wanting to be a good samaritan?

MIG: I like being a good samaritan - just makes me feel good - like I am helping others - not a bad thing!

Q. What are your areas of interest and care to expound on any of them?

MIG: Sports at the moment - although, I am a keen follower of commercial aviation ... courtesy of days spent in Air Force camps !

Q. Any childhood dream that got crushed along the way or you lost sight of?

MIG: Wanted to be a pilot - parents dead against it + weak eye sight !

Thank you Migsy for your time, it has been a true pleasure interviewing you. Thank you for being

so candid.

PPer Questions....

Q:Does he miss living in Pakistan ?

A:Well I wish I could say yes ! but in my old-ish age I am very much set in my ways and the small things like lack of water/electricity/driving manners etc really irk me - so the answer is, I love my culture and love the people - but living in Pak would finish me off !

Q:If you were made coach of Pakistan cricket team how would you improve the players' running between the wickets? (you cannot answer by saying drugs!)

A: I would employ a simple technique which most Pakistanis understand and identify with - namely the Phainti. According to my plan, each Pak player would be accompanied by a lathi (stick) carrying Pak policeman. He would ensure that when a batsman calls for a run, the other responds immediately - any sign of hesitation will be met with an almighty whack! You will note that a few of our batsman may limp for a while but run outs will be a thing of the past.

Q:what do u think of the new stadium in UAE and is there any future for Sharjah?

A:The new stadium in Abu Dhabi looks fantastic and, well, new - compared to Sharjah, the difference is for all to see. Question now is that with ICC moving to Dubai - will Dubai ( in the spirit of competition) build another more high tech stadium or not.

Q:Are u really an adult? u have such a good sense of humour - u must be no older than 20! - my question to u is are u really an adult?!

A: Physically speaking, my body has been likened to that of the famed lassi maker, Nooroo Baba from Karachi South - however, mentally, I suppose development stopped at the age of 6.....

Q:also - how is cricket expanding throughout the middle east? is there interest?

A: A Lot of interest but only UAE has the facilities - places like Bahrain /Saudi have below average facilities. Do keep in mind that people playing cricket here are mainly expats from the subcontinent - no locals really play this game.

Q:You have been watching cricket for about three decades I would imagine. Who would you rate as the three best Pakistani batsmen you have seen in your time and why? (A detailed answer would be appreciated.)

A: I am a layman at these things but...

Top 3 batsman:

1. Inzi : Its just the feel of calm in his batting and the confidence he exudes. Also his stroke play all around the ground is excellent.

2. Asif Iqbal: Man O'Crisis and another island of calm in choppy waters for Pakistan - add to that his running between the wickets and you have the candidate for the best batsman in the world!

3. Javed Miandad: A fighter and in the mould of Asif due to his match saving abilities. Also had this uncanny belief in himself to turn the match on its head and get under the skins of the opposition ( while batting !!)

Q: From your posts I gather that you think a fit and committed Shoaib Akhtar has an important role to play in test matches. When thinking in terms of a replacement what criteria would you employ to uncover Shoaib's long term replacement? What special qualities make a quality test bowler? Do you think some of the current bowlers are good enough to trouble the best on a consistent basis? Who and why?

A: I used to think that speed wasn’t everything but watching Fidel Edwards bowl consistently over 90+mph made me rethink. I think Pakistan’s next best bowler should have the self belief of Rana, the calm of Razzaq and the speed of Shoaib - all combined in one! In my view a good fast bowler must be able to bowl with aggression – yes he will get hit a few times but he will also get those important wickets as well. I think in Pakistan’s current line up, I would identify Rana as someone who can take on Shoaibs mantle – yes he isn’t that fast but if he can hit those 90s and bowl with control – we have a match winner on our hands.

Q:Majid is described by many as a gifted player but overall his average of 38 while not bad isn't outstanding. Do you think he was gifted compared to others? Or about as good as his average suggests. Did he not fulfill his potential? ; )

A: Since FP may be reading this, my answer will be as diplomatic as possible! Since my cricketing knowledge is limited, all I can comment on is what I used to see on TV and from what I recall, MJK used to have all the time in the world to play his shots. He could hook and play square cuts with consummate ease. True his average wasn’t that high but tell you one thing, ask anyone from that generation and they will put MJK right up there with the very best. As regards to his potential – well, I would have wanted him to be the next Bradman which he wasn’t!

Q: Moving to Pakistan is Musharraf right for us? If not where does the solution lie? If we hold elections Nawaz and Bhutto return. Is that acceptable? Is Pakistan prepared for democracy? If not how long can Musharraf last? What then?

A:I am not an idealist when it comes to matters of democracy. I think a benign dictator in the shape of Musharraf (someone who truly means well for Pakistan) is much better than someone elected as a result of a half baked democratic process. Of course, that would imply that we will never have a true democracy but if it benefits Pakistan - why have this democratic notion? Look in Saudi Arabia, if you had true democracy today, you would see a regime which would put the Taliban to shame ! I fear, though, that Musharraf will not leave the presidential seat alive ! Its a sad state of affairs such that his enemies wont just let him "retire" to a small cottage in Murree - he will either die/be assassinated or move to another country.

Q:What is the biggest challenge Pakistan (the country) faces today? How do we deal with it? And how confident are you of a bright future for Pakistan?

A: The biggest challenge for Pak is the threat of fundamentalism! Sectarian violence is on the rise and will continue unabated unless the Shia and Sunnis can curtail the fundamentalists on their sides. Whatever progress we make in the economic fields etc will come to nothing if people like the MMA or any other extremists are allowed to dictate our lives. That’s where a strong (read benign dictator) will come in handy. The future of Pakistan? Well we have been here for almost 60 years now – I think we will last another lifetime!

Q:Do U agree with Monsee that "You have abused your MOD powers, on and off" to bully some posters

A: I don’t bully people – that’s not my nature - you need to meet me in person to know that I am nothing like what my words will sometimes project. I apologise to anyone who may have this notion but being a Mod is not an exact science - combine that with my personality and you will get an inconsistency or 2 – that’s par for the course!

Q Has PP made you more involved with Pak cricket? This I asked because I think I read from you before that you were not so much into following the game before.

A: Very true Farhad – I was interested in cricket but wasn’t as technically aware as some (most) of the members on this board. Joining PP has made me into a true armchair expert!! I can now take names like Najaf Shah in parties in Bahrain and people look at me with awe – like I am Omer Kurieshi ( Marhooms) re incarnation! I can also discuss the pro and cons of including Shoiab in the national team as well J ( Thanks to a certain poster !)

Q:Whats your fascination with

1) Darheewallahs

2) Effigy burnings

3) Inzamamiat

A: :Lol ! FP - you know I am a simple man and mean no harm ! Effigy burnings fascinate me as they symbolize the Jihalat in our Qom - namely, change what you can and destroy what you cannot change! I am not a Mullah of any sort and drink Pepsi quite liberally. And Inzamamiat - well its better than La Qanooniat (aka Shoabiyat)!

Q:What is your real name on earth?

A:I think due to my connections with ISI and CIA, I will not disclose my name but suffice to say its not Prof. MiggyLal!

Q:Where are you from In Pak and where do u currently live now? And How's the Baal Bache?

A: I am originally from Karachi and I have lived all over the world - I am presently resident in Bahrain. Baal And Bachay are good - although one could say that one (Baal) isn’t exactly compatible with the other ( Bacchay!)

Q:How long does it take to write one article?(TSN)

A: All Depends - if I am really charged about something, 15-20 minutes but sometimes it can take an hour!

Q:In your opinion what makes a great marriage?

A: Ability to throw away any ideas of free time !! Seriously speaking - one word Respect ! respect for your partner will go a long way for your marriage to succeed.

Q:Who is the mod in ur house . Mr Miggy or Mrs Miggy. After a fight who sends pm first , u or Mrs Miggy ?

A: As you can imagine, Mig the gentle creature is incapable of fighting with anyone so the answer is obvious!

Q:Is it true you’ve never won a back garden cricket match?

A:I think this is a nasty rumor started by my son – fine I bowled a vicious bouncer at him but hey he has a helmet doesn’t he ? I mean come on – just because you are 11 doesn’t mean you have to play like babies? The fact is that it was the last ball of the match and he needed a run to win and I did what every good fast bowler would do!

Q:How good is life in bahrain are any of your kids good at cricket.

A: Life is beautiful in Bahrain and tell you the truth its not Bahrain that make life great – It’s the Millions of little and not so little blessings from ALLAH that make my life so great – for that I am always grateful to Him! My eldest is quite keen on cricket – he represented the Under 11s for Bahrain in a recent tournament in Bahrain but unfortunately, the facilities in Bahrain aren’t that great so he may miss out on a career! However, whenever we go back to London for holidays – I always sign him up for cricket camps etc – next time he’s around maybe one of you fine players can teach him a thing or two !