Mongoose Cor3 ?!?


Feb 8, 2011

So has anybody here ever used the Mongoose Cor3 bat? I am just wondering what you all think of it?
Hitting wise, does it provide any extra power / bat speed that MMi3 promises?
Any advantages over regular bats? (Its the same price range as Krakatoa or Thruxton Players!)
Are you able to play conventional shots just as well?

I have been looking into COR3 lately, and the more i see, the more i like! lol... but its hard to find any decent reviews online, since not many people have used it! All opinions are welcome!
02thoeva would be the best person to answer your question as he has owned one in past.

You do know it has inch blade and inch longer handle..

Thanks for the link to the thread.. that helps!

Yeh i do realize that blade is slightly shorter and handle is longer... so i am guessing that results in higher bat speeds?

I am a bit apprehensive about MMi3, it just doesn't look right! On the other hand COR3 looks like best of both worlds... I love how thick the toe looks as well.
Slightly quicker batspeed than a standard bat, as you have 1" shorter blade. Power and performance is very similar to a standard bat.