Multan Tigers v Rawalpindi Rams | Group B | FB Super 8 T20 | Faisalabad | 28/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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Dec 29, 2008
let's see who joins :ll & :kd in the semi-finals!

:mt :rr coming up!
Need batting and fielding to improve, the bowling has been quite good.

RR to win.
Please designate Mufti for prayer assignment and bring someone else.

The Tigers will enjoy some ram biryani today
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^ They aren't hungry anymore, had a 5 course dolphin meal.
Mufti is still playing. chalo koi nai allah mufti sahab ke duwaein sune aur Mufti sahab bahut chawkey aur chakay lagein.
Oh no, RR chasing again. Another heart racer. :p

backfoot smashed thru the covers, gorgeous shot!
must say that these 2 are the most easy on the eye pair in the tournament.
Sharjeel khan only plays on legside.....

Zain Abbas all over the pitch.... good sign
Almost threw it away, really bad ball.

Good effort in the field.
Hahahahahahahhaa one guy is showing his shinakhti card looooooooool!
This would be the 9th match of Zain Abbas in his whole First class career.
Complete mis-hit, gets four.

No justice for Rameez.
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