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Jun 1, 2001
-Should Malik keep a beard (or the unshaven grizzley look he has sometimes) or clean shaven?

I prefer it when he hasn’t shaved (I don’t like clean shaved guys lol)

-Since Malik is a captain now, should he lead the wicket celebration with a hug, pat on the butt, high fives or a wink with a finger pointing to where it is going?

erm… well I find it funny when he runs into the air and says YESSSSS don’t mind but I’d like to see him give a Sami type of anger look ;)

-What is it that you actually like about Shoaib Malik?

- He’s Sialkoti
- He’s a decent and honest guy
- His die-hard enthusiasm to play for the team and for Pakistan
- His humour too 
- His ODI performances
- And Yes obviously I think he’s good-looking (I will not deny it)

-What innings made you a Shoaib Fan?

I saw Malik when he debuted but I became his fan when he played that sensational knock against SA in 2003 where he scored 82 off 41 balls - it was amazing!!!!

-As with the culture of Pakistani cricket, do you think Malik's success/failure as captain will also be compared to Imran Khan as all other captain have been? If so, do you think he is capable of reaching anywhere near the heights that Imran reached in his tenure?

Every captain that became a captain after Imran Khan could never have reached his success I don’t think anyone can! But Malik is young, and with experience and with the support of ex-cricketers/ex-pakistan captains, I am sure that he will do just fine.

We cannot change the views of Pakistani people, we will always moan and groan and not look to the brighter side of things, Malik becoming Pakistan’s Captain has opened a new door for Pakistan Cricket, we will just have to see with time how he performs as a captain but he has my full support no matter what!

-Why do you think Shoaib Malik is a good choice as the team captain?

In my honest opinion I was quite shocked that Shoaib Malik got picked, when I first found out my dad told me when we were in Sialkot, at first I didn’t believe him but then I turned on GEO and it was the main headline, I was sooooo happy I was jumping up and down LOL.

Sorry, back to the question I think Shoaib Malik is a good choice because not only is he a youngster, he will share and bring new ideas and thoughts to the team, he is a fighter (like Rana), I admire his enthusiasm to play for Pakistan, his attitude within the team shows that they all respect him a lot, he’s not laid back type, he’s very active VERY athletic, has bright ideas not just for international cricket but for first class cricket and cricket in general.

By listening to his interviews he has stated how much improvement he wants to see in Pakistan Cricket, I can see his hunger for success I mean the way he celebrated after winning the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka obviously meant a lot to him (it was like as if we had won the world cup) but every win is a success step up the ladder and this is an improvement he will assist for Pakistan.

-What do you have to say to those people (including myself) who think that had Malik not been the captain his test spot would have been taken by Asim Kamal?

I say go ask the Selection Committee  no one has said Asim Kamal will not have a side in the test spot, if you listen to Malik’s and Doctor Naseem Ashraf interviews they both mention the main fact ‘FITNESS’ if a player is fit and is performing well he can play for Pakistan, the rest I don’t know if that would have been the case as I said go question the Selection Committee

-How did you find Pakistan this time around? As expected (i.e no surprises) or an eye opening experience (for the better or worse)?

I enjoyed it A LOT, way better than when I visited 4 years ago for only 3 weeks but that visit was different because 4 years ago I went after 11 years, this time it was more about seeing Pakistan and I had more time. So much has evolved in Pakistan; yes I still love it despite the major concerns and issues but I’m proud of being a Pakistani and I loved it there more than my birthplace.

-What do you that the government of Pakistan can do to help women so they don't feel inferior to men?

Good question but the government is already corrupt they can’t do anything as it is

-What two things would you do if you are made the Prime-Minister of Pakistan (other then shopping, and more shopping).

I don’t do shopping lol it’s a necessity for me, but if I was Prime-Minister I would sort out the Load-Shedding business and secondly I would send Altaf Hussein’s party and Musharaff and his crew out of space for good

-Do you think you could settle down in Pakistan on a permanent basis.
Everyone says I can’t because a holiday is not the real thing which I do agree with but I think if the situation was that I would have to choose to live either here in London or in Pakistan, I would choose Pakistan (and I am currently in the verge of buying a plot in Lahore)

-You are fast approaching "that age" (thankfully I got quite a few years ahead of me....what is your ideal man?

I am NOT fast approaching that age because there is no age limit in getting married and I’ve told my parents I’ll get married when I feel like it (25-26) plus I want to focus on working first settling down afterwards

My idea man is, I like shy guys, the quiet ones, the type that don’t care so much about their looks and wealth and business but more about feelings and emotions, I don’t mind cars coz I’m a car fan my self, taller than 5ft8 I’m just under 5ft8, make me laugh, understand me & my habits more than anything, and has to understand that when Pakistan is playing cricket no-one should disturb me coz I get REALLY angry

-Love or arranged marriage?

Don’t know really

-Can you see yourself ever marrying a guy like Oxy?

He’s not a guy he’s the Queen of PP and I’m straight sorry but I only prefer men

-What is your favourite type of food and what dish in particular?

I love Seekh Kebab and Samoseh A LOT
I like chicken biryani the most

-What do you do on free time?

Read cricket news, browse PP, tidy my room, and listen to music, sleep, sleep and more sleep, watch cricket clips

-Your favourite drama, movie, romantic novel, male actor, sun lotion, anti-aging cream, toothpaste and hair color?

Kayamath, Devdas, never read romantic novel, Arjun Rampal, no sun lotion, no creams, I’ve never dyed my hair nor do I ever want to thank u very much

-Why do you want to work in UAE? Wouldn’t you prefer to be near your family from London?

Because I don’t like London, never have done, UAE has really good job opportunities and there are many beautiful places to visit in UAE, the weather is way much better than UK weather!!!

-When did you start watching cricket?

In year 9 that was in (2001) I was known for liking and playing cricket in secondary school

-Have you ever been to a LIVE cricket match? If yes, where? If no, why not?

Unfortunately no I haven’t, I’ve tried to get tickets but have always been unlucky  but I will continue to try

-How come you feel like watching cricket when other girls feel like watching movies?

It’s a hobby of mine since childhood, it’s an addiction for me, it’s become the main part of my life every one in my family knows this especially my dad and he’s a cricket fan too we watch matches together although he gets so nervous when the match is so tense but I enjoy tense matches and watch every minute of it. It’s a natural reaction for me if I miss even one minute of cricket I get so angry and upset like someone is snatching something away from, that’s how passionate I am about cricket 

-Who's your favourite.cricketer other then Shoaib?

I don’t have any favourites other than Shoaib, but I support a few others Rana Naved, Shahid Afridi, Inzamam ul Haq, ex-cricketers Wasim Akram and Imran Khan

-Do you actually watch cricket games, or do you only watch when Shoaib Malik is batting? Do you know anything about cricket?

LOL I watch cricket games from the time they are about to start (from toss) right up to when the presentation ceremony finishes, I do watch games regardless of whether Malik is playing or not, I’ve started to enjoy watching test matches as well now. I do know what cricket is about, over the years I have learnt more technical details I yet have more to learn

-Are you one of those girls who according to Shoaib Malik call him daily.
No I would never do that nor am I obsessed with him, I like him for who he is as an individual and a cricketer and support him a lot as a fan but that’s all

-How did you find out about PakPassion?

Through a search engine result

-If you could change one thing about PakPassion, what would it be and why?

PP should have a female mod, I know its male dominated on PP but there should be equal opportunities

-Answer me this riddle and you have my respect.

A woman shoots her husband. Then holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him but 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

She takes a picture of her husband, develops it by putting it under water then hangs the picture to dry

Well I hope you enjoyed my interview, I enjoyed answering the questions too shame a few members didn’t ask me questions, would have been good to ask me something different other than why I like Malik so much lolz