My CA 12000 T.R.D.


Test Debutant
Feb 28, 2009
I got the bat a few days ago. The bats looks stunning - one of the best I have purchased. Its weight is 2.8lb with edges measuring 35mm and 12 straight grains.
Sweet spot is very big as mentioned before in other threads.
I have not used the bat yet but hitting it with my mallet it does feel a good bouncy response so looks very promising.
Pics were taken on my IPhone 4 - looks a bit grainy it would have looked better had I taken it on a digital camera but not to be.

Many thanks to Cover Drive Bhai for resizing the photos for me.








AMAZING!! Literally amazing!!

This has to be the best TRD I have ever seen, it is brilliant!

The face is lovely lovely!

Profile looks HUGE, it certainly has a lot of meat on it!

I really like the shape lovely! It is growing on me as days go...

I hope it plays well for you and you score tons of runs with it!

Looks like an absolute belter. The grains and shape and edges all look fantastic.

I am sure you will score tons of runs inshallah.
grains are some of the best i have seen on a bat. really good. that is going to be a belter. how much did u end up paying for it?
Thanx for all the compliments guys ^^^^.

Askmoi I bought the bat For £199.99 through a reputable seller from E-bay (he emailed me photos of the bats). I did try to get someone to buy it directly from Pak but they were having trouble finding it so I just payed the extra £30. He claimed to have more than in 10 in stock - I just asked him to send me the best one which he has kindly done.
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ooh laa laa.. what a bat.. I haven't seen so many straight grains in a bat. The beauty is that, grains are even straight on the back of the bat. It is a PRO's bat. Please knock it well and I hope it server you well in your season.
CD bhai I am just knocking the final stages (toe area) but will def give the bat a Test tomorrow in the nets - infact I will try n make a video and post it if possible.
It looks stunning. No wonder Dilshan slashes to fence with ridiculous frequency.
just picked up a TRD....will post pics later on tonight - sorry for jacking your thread!
So have you started to knock and play with it?

I gave my bat a good test over the weekend in the nets. Unfortunately could not make a video this time but maybe sometime this week when I give it another go.
Performance wise the bat has a really good ping of the middle but I got that feeling it will get even better with more time. There is some vibration/shock near the toe end of the bat (even though I knocked in the bat for over 3 hours) - maybe this is either down to more knocking needed near the bottom or maybe because of the thin/average bat handle.
this cant be avoided. it will only slightly improve. the toe doesnt have enough wood to have a good ping.
hi guys,

could someone pls tell me how to post pictures ?
i have uploaded them on photobucket, and how to post a new thread?

as i am new here, dont know that.
i'll appreciate it if someone could tell me that.

thanks in advance
There should be a key called "Manage attachments" when you click post reply just below the box. After that just click the photos you want posted.
You have expressed concern over the toe guard being weak how is it now and bat overall?
You have expressed concern over the toe guard being weak how is it now and bat overall?

Bat is an absolute gem, just goes like a train off the middle.

The bat did suffer a dent right at the bottom of the bat despite a lot of knocking in I did. Bottom of the bat does feel weak - the ball goes nowhere if it hits it, also you feel the shock in your hands if you mistime it but really Its a minor issue once you get yourself in.

Overall a great bat, will definitely get another one next time.
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I'm glad it is going well for you, one of my team mate has TRD which is in action (more than one have it but one of them is mainly using it) and the bat is impressive and very good indeed!