My new CA 12000 plus and SS test pro gloves!


Jun 3, 2009
Hi guys,

So i went to buy my new bat and had to choose between a CA 15000 plus, CA 12000 TRD and the CA 12000.

When I had the 3 bats, willow wise, the TRD and the CA 12000 were better. The 15000 didnt have a great willow.

Ping wise, for some reason, the CA 12000 was better than all. So i got it, its an amazing piece of willow. Am posting pictures right now.

The guy told me that in high end bats, CA does make mistakes in sticker, exchanging the TRD with the 12000 (regular)... So i probably got a TRD with a sticker of regular 12000. Payed 100 dollars less though for this beauty!

Got nice ss test pro gloves. Here are the pictures.


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SS Gloves and a Pakistan BAT :O lol no sweet looking bat man grains look fantastic good luck!
hello brother. Are you Kuu-Bekk-Khua ?


Playing Cricket in Montreal ?

Well 12000 n 1200trd have different profile. They are not same. I saw Mr.Shoaib Malik using the 12000 Newer 2013 model.

overall Congrats on ur purchase this is a good bat. All look for SC SIDS bat as a cheaper option.

Please only use this 12000 in first class matches with good balls. This bat will last longer.
TRD vs plus 12000

Yeah i live and play in Montreal.

Well i didnt find any big difference between the TRD and the plus 12000.
nice grains sir! mind telling how much u payed for the gloves? other than that the bat i think is a trd and has a sticker mistake and the willow is nice 2.

i payed 310 canadian dollars for the bat, and 35 for the gloves.