My Ordinary Local Made bat - Comments?


Feb 18, 2012
Hello guys.. I have an ONN and OFF cricket customer. I do play it well but i cant find enough time to play it regularly.

Anyway.. I bought this cricket bat from a local shop in my City. I bought this bat because of the pickup its really light i would say about 2.7 but still no idea the exact weight.

Here are the picture and sorry for faking stickers.. cuz i had Puma Softs so i thought buying local made puma stickers so that's the reason it has some faking on it :) Sorry for it again!

I had a cheap Scuff sheet on it aswell.. and i removed it today with alot of care. is that a good bat ?

Playing with this bat is really GOOD! the spot is good, the ping is geat and i enjoy playing with it.. Just need an expert advise for future cuz this a Hit n Trial bat.. Should a bat like this be okay or Not for Club level cricket?







looks fine,as long as it works for you nothing else matters
the wood has small minor cracks .. it that okay? thats what i'm worried for.

Only played 20 Overs .. till now with this bat
minor cracks? Oil the bat and apply a scuff sheet (a few days after oiling)
I got it last year from Sialkot for 4000 PKR. I had an option to buy CA 5000 but as i said. the pickup was so good! and i took a risk of NOT checking the ping.. but its a great bat! The ping is 100%

The only problem is i need to OIL my bat now. Cuz i never did when i bought.

thhen Add a good scuff sheet ( dont know where to buy it, everyone has those cheap ones)

and first of all clean the red marks.

need your help peeps :)
Nice bat but needs a bit of work.

Refurb it.

*Remove the marks(Using Nail-Polish remover or Linseed Oil)

*Lightly sand it

*Oil it & then apply good quality scuff - sheet if you want to