Need new equipment!


ODI Debutant
Jan 29, 2005
Right, I've had my current equipment for far too long, and need to buy a bat, pads and gloves before the start of the new season.

I've always been a fan of Pakistani makes, (currently have a Malik bat and some old CA pads and gloves).

I'm thinking of going for some top of the range boom boom stuff, where's the best way to buy these in the UK?
I think cricket direct stock boom boom stuff.

If you want to buy a bat go for a custom made bat. You may pay slightly more but your are more likely to get a top quality performing bat. Salix and H4L are just two good examples.
Bats that are mass produced by the top manufactures may last and have nice stickers but don't always perform.

Regarding softs go to a cricket store (rather than order online) to make sure the gloves and pads are a comfortable fit.
Shayan, which team do you play for - Hunslet Nelson perhaps (just an assumption considering you're based in Leeds)?