New Bat


Mar 28, 2012
Hi guys

I'm new here and not big on joining forums but this one should be interesting.

A little bit about myself.
I play cricket here in Vancouver, Canada for well since i came here in 1998. Cricket here is played on green matting surface.

I have always been an opening batsman and do bowl also.

I am 6'1 180 pds, more of a strokemaker and play all around the wicket particular strong on the front foot.

I have dealt with UT sports twice.

Once i bought a bat in 2001 ( UT one) , still have it but didn't use it much for some reason. I noticed it was a bit too light for me but who knows i was 16 back then.

and in 2007 got three un branded bats for 2000 rupees each and yes they all broke

One from the handle and the other two from the splice of the bat.
One of the bats was quite a master blaster i scored 281 runs in 6 innings with 3 notouts average 93. in a 20/20 tournament. but it wasn't stiff competition either so....

In 2003 my dad got a Spartan ( with Dean Jones Sig. ) bat for around $125. I scored a lot of runs with that one. I got it from Miandad Sports. Weight was perhaps close to 2'11.

Currently i have a

Adidas Elite Libro 2.11
GN Flare Original Medium Weight from Pro Direct.

I had a Hunts County bat and sold it when i got the GM one. The price was just amazing!. couldn't help it.

So which bat should i get?

My dad is going in 10 days Not me :-(

Should i go for a lighter bat since i have two medium ?

I have browsed through this forum and no particular brand stands out. I have seen good praises for AS Bats.

My budget would be around 10 to 11k.
No particular brand will ever stand out or in if you have never used it. Pictures are not enough.

Why would you go for a lighter bat just because you have two medium weight bats? It is all about what weight your are comfortable with and everything comes second.

Tell us more about your game: what shots do you play? Which ones you avoid? The bounce on mat wickets I presume should not be too high.
I don't play the pull/hook shot too much, play a lot off my front foot ( all the drives )

The bounce in most grounds is normal not too low or not too high but yes does keep a little low as the ball gets old.

Other than that i have played with my teamates malik bubber sher. ( has a great middle) and also with a AS V10.
A CA 10000 weighing 2.11 should fit in this budget and should last as well, the thing about MB bats these days is they don't last much, I broke 3 bubber shers in the last 3 years.
I had a CA10000 which I got from a former Test cricketer: exceptional bat but probably not the best for low bouncing tracks. I think a SS might fit the bill better and he can get many models within his budget. But he will not go wrong with a handpicked CA too. AS V-10 might be a good option but might be out of his budget a bit. In that case AS V3 should be fine though the meat is much more extended in the V10. Ultimately it should come down to what he feels comfortable with. The two bats he has-- Libro and Flare are renowned for their light pick ups so some of the South Asian bats might not be too comfortable for him initially, though Libros are made in
The new ball does bounce more we use Australian Kookaburra's.

one bat i had in mind is the Ihsan 950 or 750. How are those bats?

The spartan ( don't know what the original batmaker is it just had Spartan stickers ) was
quite bottom heavy and i did score a lot but that was back in 2004 to 2007.

I have had a Slazenger v800 supreme and puma stealth 5000 also ( don't have those bats anymore)

I was thinking are there any good bats with my price range that don't belong to the big brands like CA , AS , IHSAN etc. ?

I know in India there is Jonty Sports and Robinsons etc.

Just curious do UT and Miandad ( I am from Karachi ) carry Indian Brands like SS, SG ??

thanks for your input i appreciate it,
Ihsan bats are hard pressed so take time to open up. But they go like a gun after a while - the ones I have seen.
okay point taken,

i play with 2 grips, does adding an additional grip increase the weight of the bat? by an ounce??

My Libro has a very thick grip, balance is much better.
An extra grip will increase the weight normally between 1.2-1.8 ounce. But the pick up might improve as well.
I played with the CA 12000 Plus,

It is a good bat, with that thick profile, it has a good pickup

Does the CA have a higher middle?? because a couple of front foot cover drives did not go was okay ( could be the cheap balls too! )

weight of the bat was 2.8
if you like ca then plus 5000 has a good middle and it's quite high middle!