New range from GM!!!


Feb 19, 2012
hi guys gm just launched some new bats,pads,gloves and i think they have a good color scheme. There is a new bat called ARAGON and the ARAGON F2, OCTANE F2 and ZONA F2. they have a F2 version of the icon too.the pads have a new design and the gloves are rather colorful. check it out at
yeah its the one that caught my eye too its got special stickers.they are different from all other stickers.
When are they going to stop their dogshit pressing?

Used someones 909 Icon, what a plank. Told him to take it back.
^^GM bats take time to open up - once they do they go like guns.
how much time to be precised ?

A few months at least I reckon, probably they will be at thier best in thier 2nd season. These bats are more hard pressed so you have to be patient.

If people want soft pressed ready to go bats then get CA or SS.
i have an icon.. took a few months, but now has sensational ping. even early on, when it doesn't "feel" like it has ping (i.e, feels a bit "hard"), the ball travels miles.
I think I need to clarify my statement. Every GM I have used since they went to the "Flare, Icon, Apex & Luna" have been poor in terms of ping and pickup for size.

I have used loads of bats and I know what I'm talking about. I don't know if its from over pressing or bad pressing but the bats lack power. They have little to no ping. Most times I cant tell if I have hit it out of the middle or not. No one here can deny they have the worst pressing or all bats. Period.

Then to come in here and say "they open up after 2 seasons"? are you taking the ****? what am I supposed to do for 2 seasons with a plank?
Thanks for twisting my words. I actually said they will probably perform at their optimum best in the 2nd cricket season (of course this all depends how much you play, could be before that) - that actually does not mean wait 2 years. Unless your a pro or have loads of cash to burn you want a good cricket bat to last at a few seasons.

You are the first person I have read/heard who says GM has bad pressing. If they were that bad how comes they sell so many bats ?
I have a GM Icon, not saying its the best bat I have had but it certainly does ping quite well off the middle. You cant tell me my bat has poor ping. If you have had a bad experience with them then its your opinion.
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perhaps its the grading. i have only used an Icon Original LE - which is amazing. maybe they mess up the lower models.
GM are good bro.

Their different range of bats is actuallly different to each other. Lower vs higher middles. Bigger spines etc.....overall different profiles.

Most bats on the other hand - be it all the CAs, kookaburras or various SS bats- they are all the same shape more or less. MB don't even pretend to have different shapes. They are more like national geo- tiger ->lion ->bigger lion!

With GM one has the most chance to find a bat that suits terms of pickup/profile. Sloggers (be it batsmen who have a slogging mindset or the bowlers who like to hit out) don't care about such things and want the bat with the "biggest edges".

GM bats last longer than most subcontinent bats as well which is a bonus.

Performance wise they are good too. Many subcontinent players I know buy a subcontinent bat for nets and a more expensive bat e.g GM for games. They expect a more expensive GM to peRform better rIght away as well since its more expensive! Lol you can all see how wrong that approach is.

GM softs are really great as well. D3o stuff is better than any other glove/pads etc. in terms of performance/safety with super light weight. (orange is not everyone's color)

They do take a bit of time to open up which is not such a bad thing either - you get to know your bat better. My advice -with a GM play lot of throwdowns in nets - makes you a super batsman and one with your bat.your muscle memory gets used to the bat and you automatically play those shots effortlessly in game situations.
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