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Aug 13, 2010
No CNG available


The harsh winter season is at its peak and the frequent gas and electricity loadshedding is adding flavour to its bitterness. Although, gas stations are kept close for three days in Lahore, it is practically impossible to get CNG filled in your car on the fourth day as well because of the low pressure and long queues of motorists awaiting their turn. Practically, out of six working days, gas is available for only two days. It is indeed a sad situation for a country like Pakistan which has rich and abundant natural resources. Furthermore, gas loadshedding has affected everyone, except perhaps those in power.

The industry is laying off workers because of power shortages, and transporters are charging high fares putting greater burden on the common man. On the other hand, domestic gas loadshedding has forced people to switch over to gas cylinders but due to sudden spurt in demand of these cylinders their supply has run short, thus making it difficult to cook food these days. The government should take notice of the situation as it is causing public agitation which is clearly visible in the recent strikes and protests.

Lahore - The sudden closure of gas and massive load shedding for industries would result in massive unemployment and at the same time exports would decline sharply, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) leaders, including Gohar Ejaz, Ahsan Bashir, Seth Abid, Fayyaz Warraich and others said on Saturday.

They were holding a press conference. The APTMA leaders said that the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) had announced to resume gas supplies to the industrial sector on December 29 but it did not do so. Ejaz said that the federal government had even taken away the option of holding strikes, as mills were already closed. He said that the industrial sector did not want to bring workers on street, as it would result in damage to infrastructure and property in Punjab. The renowned industrialist said that under such serious circumstances, industrialists were still trying to protect workers’ jobs. “But it is a million dollar question that how long industrialists could sustain salaries of workers without operating their units,” he said, adding that labour would react violently when limited resources of entrepreneurs would exhaust.

Ejaz said that around 10 million workers had gone unemployed due to gas closure. He said that it had become impossible to run industries when there was no power and interest rates were high. The APTMA leader said that foreign investors were not interested to come to Pakistan under these circumstances. He said that the CNG sector was given gas for five days in a week while domestic users were burning precious gas in heaters and geysers and industries were denied gas. Ejaz said that Petroleum and Natural Resources Minister Senator Dr Asim Hussain had promised us to give gas for three and half days but the promise could not be materialised.

“The industrial sector does not want to deprive any sector from gas but its distribution should be rational that provides some chance to every sector to operate proportionate to its availability,” he added. The renowned industrialist said that a similar situation emerged in China around 30 years ago and the Chinese went to the extent of cutting off supplies to domestic consumers to make sure that industries remain operative. He said that this was done because jobs and production was important for Chinese planners.
“Perhaps pleasing domestic consumers and facilitating high-income group motorists is more important for our government than jobs and productivity” he added. APTMA Punjab Chairman Ahsan Bashir said there was still a way out if federal government planners took pain. He said that CNG consumed 350 mmcfd gas, which the federal government subsidised heavily. Bashir said that against revenue collection of Rs 3.5 billion gas supplied to CNG stations all over Pakistan, the federal government subsidised the cost to the tune of Rs 4 billion. He said that if the federal government closed down CNG stations for a certain period it could pass on that subsidy to motorists on petrol for that period. The federal government could generate more revenue by supplying the spare gas to industries, he added.

All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Punjab Steel Melters Association, chemical manufacturers and auto vendors appealed to the federal government to save the main industrial base of the country situated in Punjab from complete annihilation. They asked the federal government whether it wanted employment or chaos. They said that the federal government was least bothered about the massive unemployment caused by closure of industries in the province.‘power-gas-load-shedding-to-reduce-jobs’/

This has become probably the biggest problem for the citizens of Pakistan today. The unavailability of CNG has not only caused massive hike in public transport fares it has badly hit area is our industrial sector as well. Just last week a manufacturing plant that I had started my professional career with laid off about 50 workers which included half a dozen Mechanical engineers. Many other factories located in Karachi's Port Qasim Industrial Area are doing the same.
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Posted this in another thread,

When gas was discovered, it was said that Pakistan had enough gas for the next 100 years, but it din't even last for 50 years. We would had not been in this situation, if only we had used the gas properly and din't waste it.

We are using gas for Tandoors(3-5 tandoor shops in one street) and Brick making plants in Pakistan. Gass is being used for brick making. This is how we are wasting up gas.

We could really learn from India on how to use Gas. A country that has no Gas, but still doesn't face any problem.
people should stop complaining and switch to Petrol. Besides with the soon to be introduced gas tariff , CNG prices will come close to petrol anyway.