Official Thread: Africa vs Asia - 3rd ODI @ Durban [21/8/05]

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Jan 29, 2005
Africa XI team:
*GC Smith, HH Dippenaar, JH Kallis, JA Rudolph, AG Prince,
JM Kemp, +T Taibu, SM Pollock, HH Streak, DW Steyn, M Zondeki.

Asian XI team:
Shahid Afridi, V Sehwag, +KC Sangakkara, DPMD Jayawardene,
Yousuf Youhana, *Inzamam-ul-Haq, Abdul Razzaq,
Mohammad Ashraful, Z Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, M Muralitharan.

Africa XI won the toss and elected to bat first

Delay - Start delay due to rain :6:
A slight drizzle delayed start of play in the final match of the Afro-Asia Cup at Durban. Graeme Smith, back after serving a two-match ban for slow over-rates in the West Indies, won the toss and chose to bat. But before play could get underway, the weather intervened.

With the three-match series level at 1-1, both teams made a few changes to the sides which played on Saturday. The African team was further strengthened by the return of Jacques Kallis, while Tatenda Taibu took over wicketkeeping duties from Mark Boucher. Asia XI brought Mohammad Ashraful, their super sub yesterday, into their first XI, with Ashish Nehra dropping down to super sub. That's a decision that could hurt Asia XI, given that they have to bowl first.

The pitch is expected to assist the seamers early on - the overnight rain had helped the grass on the track remain fresh - but it should settle down later into a good batting strip. Smith's decision was obviously influenced by the results of the two earlier games in the tournament, both of which were won by the team batting first.
Nehra being supersub may not be a problem. Asia have still got Shoaib, Zaheer, Razzaq, Murali, Afridi and Sehwag if required. Doubt Nehra will get a game today.
Current condition mostly cloudy according to cnn

Latest news from Cricinfo: play to begin in 30 min. Out field dry. 30 min for players to exercise and get ready. Field is very dry at the moment:19:
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my source tells me the covers are coming off
my source... cricinfo.... tells me the covers are coming off.
was that from your source shez?
its due to start at 13:45 local time, whats that in the UK? 12:45?
i think they r showing cricket on zee music..think that is free to air on sky digital.
Superb swing bowling from Shoaib that takes out Smith.
yes Smith beaten for pace as the ball swung into him - lovely delivery from Akhtar. Nearly had Kallis first ball also.
Shoaib has bowled tremendously in the last matches, although has not had the returns to show. But anyone who watched his beautiful ryhthm and tempo in the last match would know what I'm talking about. Bowling today has also been of the highest order. Would make Inzi and Woolmer think a bit about the forthcoming England tour and the need to have our only genuinely fast world-class bowler back in the ranks.
Also encouraging to see Inzamam go on the attack by getting 3 slips in for both bowlers.
But anyone who watched his beautiful ryhthm and tempo in the last match would know what I'm talking about.

Yeh, it is his rhythm that is standing out. Smooth run up and follow through.
A corker of a delivery from Shoaib to Dippenaar who looks worried against Shoaib. Commentators stating that Shoaib is hitting the bat hard and one can see that quite clearly.
He's got good pace and length variation today too. Good stuff from Shoaib.
And Inzamam's attacking captaincy works as a catch goes to 3rd slip.
Shoaib is bowling absolutely brilliantly today, the best i've seen from him in a while
true great bowling from shoaib! absolutely economical and great from zaheer khan also. africa looks in tatters
Kallis out - though I don't think it was the right decision. pitched outside leg.
Zeeshan Anwar said:
true great bowling from shoaib! absolutely economical and great from zaheer khan also. africa looks in tatters

the shoaib haters must be worried :11:
hehe look very much on top here...shoaib has gr8 bowling figures..
shoaib strikes again hahaha this is great bowling 7 overs on the trot for shoaib aswell
damn think the pacers will take those wickets...bowling spared includes murali and afridi....don't think they will have a bowl today..hehe
Someone hand me what Doctrove is smoking - that has to be some powerful sh!t.
This match is turning out to be very boring Africa XI 35/6 (17.2/48 ov)
Man AFrica will be lucky to make 70, they are now 36/6.. Seems like the rain has made the wicket a batsmens nightmare and a bowler's paradise... Man I am starting to like this Khan/Aktar tandem working real well, both hitting the deck real hard..
zaheer has bowled ten overs on the trot it has really been a good effort from him
Taibu is impressing me with his sheer confidence. It takes guts to come down the track and hit over the top when your team is 38/6.
taibu becomes first person to reach double figures :14: :14: :14: up comes the africa 50 :14: :14: :14: :14:
:)))) :))) :))) )
looks like this is a pure boring match...i'd say if shoaib was brought in right would skittle for 90-100 maybe 110 if they get lucky
I guess the real batsmen are out in the middel now...these two pollock and streak never gives up that quickly...
Brilliant by Shoaib Akhtar in this match and in the previous ones. His bowling really highlights just how much we missed his potency.
Razzaq and Nehra getting pasted at the moment by Pollock
Pollock 34 off 19 deliveries - this should be working the inferiority complex of Mr Afridi nicely.... :D
pollock playing a superb innings. Without him africa would be deep in the $hit
Now he is gone after a quicker one from Afridi!
Afridi Bowls The Faster One And Out!! :d :d
And Murali gets Steyn!

Africa XI 106/9
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