Old, Vintage Bats


Nov 18, 2012
Do you guys have old bats
Those Duncan Feanleys we would see in the hand of ever othe player
The SS bats (the english company, not the indian bat with TON on the side)
The bats my dad played with (i am only 13)
The old gunn amd moores, autograph (that i got as a gift from my grandpa, its a bat he used to make his only centuary in a sheffeild match), the diamonds, you know what i mean. If you do, i would love to see them, so post pics please!
I had a 70 yr old bat given to me as a child and left it in the rain on several occations wreaking it, little did I know the value of it ;(
i also have a gm autograph. the pics are here(it is stickered as maxi):