Pace Bowling boots: Nike Pace II vs. Asics Speed Menace


May 21, 2006
Looking for a cricket shoe that is suitable for pace bowling - what ones would you recommend?
I'm so unprofessional. When I bowl, I don't even use spikes. In fact, I've never owned a pair of cricket spikes at all!
Well before anything answer a few questions
1. How often do you play
2. Where do you play
3. Main role in the field/pace bowler/ fielder etc
4. Do you prefer high cut or low top
5. Budget

Take all these factors into account and you will have your answer my friend :) Only thing with the new Nikes the Orange colour scheme a bit of a stand out i prefered the 2011 model black white nice simple traditional
Asics, cannot go wrong, low cut can be used for batting aswell.
THe asics are durable, designed over years of hard work with the worlds finest. And if one shoe breaks (landing shoe, always happens) you can buy an individual replacement instead of having to buy a new pair.
It would be helpful to know the reasons why people are giving their suggestions :)

Pace bowling shoes playing on various grounds - I am still undecided what suits me better, hi cut or low cut. Budget is not too much of an issue
i'd say the nike speed 2. Because they are light.
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