Pakistan v West Indies | 3rd ODI | Abu Dhabi | 16/11/08 | WI Innings

Windies only have 3 experienced batsmen

- First match we allowed Gayle to get his 100
- 2nd match it was Chanderpaul
- Will it be Sarwan for this match?
Where is everyone?

Maybe in the ICL thread. Traitors! :p
That was very much out to me!! Also hit the back leg pad! I don't think it can get anymore out then that!
Good to see Gul bowl on good length and not short like previous matches!
Thats the Gul i want to see with the new ball!!
Afridi encouraging the boys!!


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Very good to see Tanvir swinging it both ways!
Its not an easy pitch to bat and to go after the bowling straight away. We did well to get to 274.
Huge shout!!

That is given not out!
Sliding down legside!
That was actually quite hilarious the way Ajmal crouched down.

But we let WI off the hook after all the pressure, and now some extras.
ajmal needs to improve his fielding if he wants to remain in the team
The wheels are coming off for Pakistan...

After that miserable attempt at a catch....Pakistan are beginning to get lazy
Shocking, Absolutely Shocking!

:))) :))


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I'd put that down as Ajmal's drop. Shoaib was partially to blame because he got too close, but Ajmal looked committed right up until the last split second. Why would you wait until that point and then back out?
First I thought it was Butt but it turned out to be Ajmal
Ajmals drop due to Malik's lacking of calling skills (I thought he was going to remain captain due to his improved communication skills) well that was a shocker...

Ajmal was at fault no doubt but, Malik should share the blame and then have the nerve to shout at his player in that manner
Not impressed with Guls new ball bowling. Too much back of a length. I think Rao should be given the ball in these conditions.
bublubhuyan said:
What's wrong with Windies ? They are playing as if they are chasing 150 !!!!
Indeed, but i have to say, both bowlers are bowling well

As 1 of the 3 experienced batsmen at the crease, Gayle will be careful with the new ball
Looks like Malik is on his way of leading his team to a whitewash series victory over the West Indians.
Luton Bad Boy said:
Another one to add to Malik's misery...

Why on earth was he moaning at Ajmal...


Oh, come on. Are you serious? That was a shocker from Ajmal. What was Shoaib supposed to do,.... clap him on the back.
Muyazzim Khan said:
Not impressed with Guls new ball bowling. Too much back of a length. I think Rao should be given the ball in these conditions.
Are we watching the same match?