[PICTURES/VIDEOS] Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi appreciation thread


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Oct 7, 2010
Big fan of the living legend that is Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi.

No one can quite match the "dard" in his awaaz imo and despite there being other more technically superior vocalists, no one quite conveys emotions of distraught helplessness of unrequited love quite like attaullah which can even make a cold and unemotional guy like myself stop and listen.

im hoping there will be others who share my fondness for attaullahs music so i wont overload the op with videos, just one of my attaullah favs, p.s. you have to listen to the end to get the song.


I used to think you were a 'badman' intellect with big headphones while posting about politics in lower case. :p

Turns out to be the opposite. :akhtar

Let the sarcasm be absorbed, before the anger is gushed with fire. :46:
The guy's a legend!

Dil lagane ki humko milli yeh sazaa, koi apna banake degaa dey geya.

Mujhse jeene ka haq cheen keh zindagi ki dua dey geya.

I love the lyrics above. Apply to me so make me sad every time :(
Proper truck/bus music on long drives especially when these vehicles struggle on climb (kind of vehicle pain corresponding to the pain expressed by Attaullah while singing).

On a serious note I and my friend used to listen couple of his songs during hostel life before sleeping. Sounded good at night.
IShq ko dard-e-sar kehne walo suno hum ne ye dard-e-sar le liya

Vo nigaho se bach kar kaha jae gay ab to un ke mohallay mai ghar le liya

Youtube is banned here otherwise i would upload alot of his songs
He is legend.... the dard in his voice also aptly describe the plight of the boy(lounda) sitting with truck drivers during long route from Karachi to Peshawar.:adnan
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xowRo-QAQds" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
I dont know why people like his songs.

Same here. He is on the record admitting that he has no idea about raag sur and taal. He has no music education.
Nothing personal against him but I guess he is mostly famous among truck drivers, rickshay and taangey wala type crowd.
For your next four hour truck ride.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/IpB61hX1HzE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​
People don't listen to him for his 'sur' or 'taal' but more for the lyrics and how he uses the 'dard' to make it a sad listen. You have to have had your heart broken to understand :yk
Same here. He is on the record admitting that he has no idea about raag sur and taal. He has no music education.
Nothing personal against him but I guess he is mostly famous among truck drivers, rickshay and taangey wala type crowd.

Not only that, he is famous among many middle, lower class pakistanis for being 'folk singer', especially in saraiki belt. One needs no education to become famous if his/her efforst are perceived as talent by masses.

Also he is not the first one of his type, there are many in history of Pakistan who just becamew famous from street or wedding functions. I am sure you have seen Ata-ullah type singers in wedding ceremonies across pakistan. They are typically poor folks who get famous because they are promiment among their type of talent. Another example is Reshma who recetnly died. She was singing at shrines and roads through out her childhood before being noticed for good enough voice to be singer at higher stage.
I was a big fan even though it can be heavy listening at times. I had a couple of friends from Karachi who looked down on his material as they were real afficianadoes, but for someone who's not into all the technical measurements of Pakistani music it hits home where it counts.

He was a bit of a bad lad and sailed pretty close to the wind with some of his lyrics. I don't think he'd have many fans in the Tableeghi Jamaat.
Same here. He is on the record admitting that he has no idea about raag sur and taal. He has no music education.
Nothing personal against him but I guess he is mostly famous among truck drivers, rickshay and taangey wala type crowd.

He's a folk singer not a classical musician, don't think he has the likes of Ustad Shaggan as competition nor we should look at him like that.
the fact that he is no technician is perhaps one of his greatest traits, he doesnt allow the strictures of musical convention to dictate how to emote a lyric or "sher".

great to see so many other fans too, p.s. thx for the link shaaze, will indeed come in useful on my next truck ride, lols.
I never liked his singing style or voice quality I don't know why he was so hyped up in Pakistan.

Medhi Hassan on his death bed would probably sing much better than the above mentioned singer.
Folk singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi expressed his love for Pakistan and said he does not plan to go abroad anytime soon.

“Pakistan is my Hollywood and Bollywood. The peace and calm I feel in my country are like a mother’s lap,” he said on SAMAA TV’s morning show Naya Din.

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Esakhelvi is also working on a new song for Pakistan, similar to Banega Naya Pakistan which he made for PTI.

“I have a soul connection with Imran Khan,” he said. Esakhelvi is back from the hospital after undergoing a pancreatic operation. People had spread rumors about his death on social media.


Some pictures of PM Imran Khan meeting the singer to ask for his health


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Legendary singer Attaullah Khan Esa Khelvi on Tuesday rejected the rumours regarding his death.

Khan recorded a video message for his fans and shared it on his Facebook page after it was reported that he is no more.

The folk singer said reports being circulated on social media about his health are incorrect.

The singer said he is recovering from his illness and thanked his fans for praying for his recovery.

It was not the first time fake news regarding his death was circulated on social media.

Last year, a Facebook post regarding his death went viral and the singer had to appear on social media to inform his fans that he is alive.

Is this a new trend? There were aslo rumours about SMQ being dead.
Legendary Pakistani singer Attaullah Khan Esakhailvi has refuted his death rumours, saying that he was in good health.

The Dil Lagaya Tha Dillagi Ke Liye singer turned to his official Facebook handle to dismiss the rumours of his death doing rounds on the internet.

Refuting the rumours, Attaullah, 69 wrote, “Merey barey main aik baar Phir galat khabrein gardish main hain. App sab ki duaoon se main bilkul theek hoon. Alhumdulliah (Once again fake news regarding me are doing rounds. With your prayers, I am in good health. Alhumdulliah).”

This is not the first time the legendary musician has dismissed rumours about his passing away. Back in April 2020, the Kameez Teri Kaali hitmaker had to release a video to ensure his fans that he was alive and well.

Later in July, rumours were also abuzz about his death and his son Sanwal Esakhelvi had quashed the baseless news, saying his father was perfectly fine.

Attaullah Khan Esakhailvi was born in August 1951 in Mianwali.

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