PP Live Updates: Leicestershire v Kent | FL T20 1st QF | Grace Road | Leicester

Who are you supporting today?

  • Leicestershire :razzaq?

    Votes: 14 48.3%
  • Kent :wahab :mahmood?

    Votes: 15 51.7%

  • Total voters
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Mar 26, 2006
Starting on sky sports in 20 minutes....bit surprised to see no thread already considering those in action!
Starts at 5pm?

Kent should be too strong for Leicester unless Razzaq comes to the party.
Damn. Got Sl/Aus to watch.

I'll tune into it when Razzaq comes out to bat :))
At the ground.

Wahab got stuck in with the fielding drills. Had an extended batting session too - looks like he's focused on winning today.
Leicestershire have won the toss and captain Aussie Andre McDonald has decided to have a bowl first.
Razzaq to open the bowling. First ball coming up. Joe Denley faces up.
Oh man this should be good....some guy was positing links for county games earlier this month...where is he?
Razzaq seemed to be putting a bit of extra effort when bowling to Mahmood.
Just turn over to Southampton v Leeds, the great team, while you guys are waiting. Leeds trailing by 1 goal to 0 though :(
Leicester conceding some boundaris now. Rob Key dances down the wicket to hit a 4 off Guerney.
Key striking it well, straight to the fielders
Unlucky - hit bowler and ricoched onto the sumps.
I'm watching Azhar play some great shots, how is it someone like Shoaib Malik who has been out of the Pak side for more than a year, is in plans to be a captain again (when he already failed terribly once) and a in form player like azhar mahmood isnt even in contention to be in the national side.
Erratic Wayne White continues to bowl filth.

Kent seem to have picked the weak link in Leicester's bowling. Good strategy.
That'll probably be the last we see of Wayne White today.
Azhar Mahmood 50 of 35 balls.

Brings up the half-century with a 6.
Was Rob Key smoking?

Just re-winded it and it looked like he was lighting up a fag!!
many congrats to azhar, a really excellent innings, fantastic timing and power hitting.
Leicestershire getting hammered.

Razzaq needs to step up with the bat today methinks.
Razzaq goes for consecutive sixes.

Huge score for Kent.
Mahmood taking AR to cleaners here
Really horrible bowling from Razzaq. Getting owned by Azhar.
Unlikely for Azhar to get the hundred but you never know.
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