PQA v SPM | Corporate T20 | SF1 | Moin Khan Academy | 18/8/11| Nazir,Sharjeel etc!

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Port Qasim vs Syed Paper Mill

PQ scored 185 in 20 overs.
Imran nazir and sharjeel Khan opening. Score is 35/0 in 3.2 overs. Rauf and sami bowling.
good comeback from Sami again..expect this to be hit out of the ground again.

41/0 after 3.4 overs
Sorry dude, I'm watching it at home on Geo super. Try to find an online Geo super stream.
nazir dropped...sami and shahzaib crash trying to catch. Both players on the ground.
:six by Imran Nazir

that came in the middle of bat..lovely shot!!
Nazir goes after blistering 46 off 22 balls.

78/3 after 7.1
Its sad to think one of the best matches this tournament wasnt covered on. and you call yourselves cricket fans. PFFT. id do it but LIKE A CRICKET FAN, i was at the ground. Watching 32 overs of thrilling cricket albeit the last 7-8 were a bit of a let down. Brilliant hitting from Nazir and especially from Shahzaib. AFRIDI and HBL TOMORROW> EVERYBODY IN KARACHI BETTER SHOW UP
Its a shame that Imran Nazir didnt go on make a big score. Always seems to throw it away after a good start. Needs to start planning a long innings and not just throw it away all the time.
:facepalm: @ Nazir's attitude again. Messing with Sami and talking trash. He should keep quiet and let his bat do the talking. This attitude is harming him alot.
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