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Jun 1, 2001
-Tell us a bit about yourself. Education background, biwi bachay and
anything else.

I am Qasim Aziz from Lahore .(22 Years\Single ,but not looking )
I am doing my Graduation from Punjab University.

-Do you play for any local team in Pakistan ? Ever had ambitions to
represent Pakistan at the highest level?

I never played for any local team but used to go to Minto Park for
Net practice.Honestly speaking i never had the ambitions to represent
Pakistan at the highest level because 'TALENT' was the only thing i
didn't had.

-Who is your favourite player in the Pakistan squad?

Inzimam-ul-Haq.Do i need to say more?

-Instead of musical chairs to select the openers should the team
switch to "cheel uri kawa ura" or "Simon Says" so the mental focus can
be tested too.

The opening problem is not new.We haven't got good openers since
the departure of Saeed and Suhail.The current situation has been made
worse by team management's contineous experiments.After the World Cup we have to persue with two geniune openers.Salman Butt and Yasir
Hameed can be a good pair if given a proper chance.

-If you were given a choice, would you like Bob Woolmer to stay as
coach or leave after the WC.

Although Bob Woolmer has done a good job yet i would like to see
some changes after this World Cup.I think Bob is also not interested
in extending his contract.

-From your posts on PP , you seem to be a die hard fan of Imran Khan, any reasons for that ?

Imran Khan is the greatest cricketer Pakistan have ever
produced.We should thank him for WC and for providing us great players
such as Inzi and Waqar.

His positive attitude in and out of the field has won the hearts of many Pakistanies .The day is not away when we will see him as a successful politician aswell.

-How did you find ?

The person who has asked this question introduced me to PP.(HAfridi)

-Top 5 favourite PP members? Why?

1. Hafridi (for introducing me to PP)
2.Oxy (His sense of humour is amazing)
3.DM (For providing us trillion of video clips)
4.Nauman (He lives in Pakistan and understands the political and
Social issues much better but i know most of PPers will disagree with
5. Wazeeri (Because of his commitment to Islam)

-Which genre of music do you prefer?

60s Rock ,Psychedlic Rock,Jazz!

-If you could create your dream band who would choose from the world
of music to form your band?

I will choose Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, John
Lennon, Paul McArtney and Eric Clapton to form my 'Dream Band'.

-How did you get into The Beatles? and what is your favourite song of all time?

I watched a documentry about The Beatles on T.V 6 or 7 years ago.I
found them really good.
There are many songs but if i have to chose one then it would be
'Imagine' by John Lennon.

-Bollywood or Lollywood? What kind of Movies do you watch/like?

I watch all sorts of classics and oldies whether it is from Lollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood.

-Favourite poem, film and book?

Favourite Poem : Zindagi (Iqbal)
Favourite Film : 'Rebel Without a Cause'
Book : 'Brief History of Time' (Stephen Hawking)

-If your life so far was to be made in a film who would you get to
play yourself ?

James Dean or Dustin Hoffman.

-Are you like some of the 'modern day' youth portrayed on AAG TV/ The
Musik - or are you a normal Pakistani?

I am a normal Pakistani who knows about the defects of modern
culture. Some of the so-called liberal friends of mine call me a
'conservative' but i know that i am not.

Actually the modern day youth is not followiing modernization .They are just following westernization in the name of liberalism. 'Westernization' is not modernization.

-Do you think the sirfarshi culture regarding jobs in Pakistan can be
eradicated so people can get a job on merit rather than who they know?

I think it is possible but neads some time,such state of affairs
arises in a society where moral and ethical values are considered to
be the signs of weakness. First of all we need to inpower the three
institutions of the country i.e, Legislative, Exective and Judiciary
and stricly follow the doctrine of 'Seperation of Powers'.

Because in this way we will be able to maintain an independent accountability. All the corrupt people are sitting in the government and in this way they become above the law .We need independent accountability for eradicating this 'sifarshi culture'.

-Why do you support MMA? What can they bring to the Pakistani
economy/society which the current government cannot?

It is one of the worst allegations on me Nauman. I never support
MMA but i always support Islam. Pakistan is an idealogical state,we got
independence from India in the name of Islam but in the past 60 years
politicians and dictators have made a mockery of this idealogy.

MMA can bring no good to the society just like other political parties of
Pakistan but i support them when they say that Musheraf should go and
independent elections should be held.Now there is nothing wrong in
this. I personally believe that the religious parties should not take
part in Power Politics. Their slogan should be 'Islam Chahiye' instead
of 'Islamabad Chahiye'.

-What do you think about the education system of Pakistan? and how
can it be improved?

Education system in Pakistan has improved over the years but still
there is a lot of room for improvement.I am somewhat concerned about
the standars of Private colleges and universities. One thing i would
like to mention is that the present Cheif Minister of Punjab has
experimented a lot in the name of 'Para Likha Punjab' ,which must be
stoped now.

It creates a lot of trouble for the students of Intermidiate and Matriculation because they are not sure whether they will appear for compound or seperate exams.Some reforms has been really beneficial also ,the introduction of 4 years honours degree is
a very good step towards good education.I am quite hopeful for the
educational system of Pakistan.

-How could indviduals help to improve their life?

We can improve our lives by 'Inner-recognion' of ourselves.We are
the crown of all creation.People should depend less on their fate and
much on their abilities,in this way we can improve our lives.

-Where do you see your future once you have completed your studies?
Pakistan or abroad?

I see my future in Pakistan as a Lawyer or a Civil Servant.I have
plans to go abroad for higher studies but will return to Pakistan
after completing my education.

-Who are your role models? And what impact have they had on your life?

As a muslim everybody considers Holy Prophet (P..B.U.H) as their
role model and i am no exception .But during my rebelious days, the
poetry of Allama Iqbal had a great impact on my personality.I am a
great admirer of Iqbal's philosophy and consider him a perfect role
model for every young muslim.

-Looking at your picture in the picture thread, I only have one
question - What was the 1960's really like?

Yes, I remember those 'street fighting days' with Tariq Ali on the
streets of London. Actually i was the one who launched 'Hippie
movement'. lolzzz

-Since when have you been watching cricket and how many cricket
videos do you think you have!?

Zuhaib! I have been watching cricket since 1993 ,I don't exactly
remember the first ever live match i watched. Talking about the number
of cricket videos, well I have almost all the cricket videos released
by 'Zee Sports'.

-Do you realise the immense joy your clips (indeed all clips) bring
to so many PPers around the world? How do you see that given the
time/efforts spent on uploading the stuff?

Honestly speaking the world of internet is amazing world.I never
used to share my cricket videos with my friends because i considered
them rare and precious.

But when i saw the passion of cricket fans all
around the world especially on cricket forums, the "cricket fan'
inside me compelled me to share all my videos.

DM was the real inspiration for me ,after watching his huge collection of cricket clips i decided to share mine aswell.T he time in uploading clips
affected my studies to some extent but it doesn't matter as far as it
is good for the game of cricket and fans all around the world.

-Who introduced you to the wonderful world of 'Fifty-Fifty'? Do you
realize that you are now responsible for introducing it to a new breed
of fans who had never heard of it?

I have been a fan of 'Fifty-Fity' since my childhood.They are the
one who laid the foundations of sketch comedy in Pakistan. Although I
believe that 'Fifty-Fifty' was influenced by 'Not the 9'0 clock News'.

(I find it better then the latter show). Shoaib Mansoor should be
given the credit for making such a wonderful show. I think its great if
my uploading stuff introduced 'Fifty-Fifty' to some new breed of

But as far as i now it just pleased Oxy, Mutzuluzaman Tarar and

-What would you do if YouTube had not been invented?

I would have thanked Allah for saving my cricket clips from hijacking..

-Do you think expats who live abroad have a better view of Pakistan
than Pakistani's living in Pakistan ? If they do, how so?

I think most of the expats don't have a better view of the social
and political issues of Pakistan.I am not underestimating them but
just talking about reality.

The people who live in Pakistan experience the day to day problems of the society.How can someone living far far away have a better view of the society.

You can not have a better view just by watching Geo or ARY news. Similarly people who live in Pakistan don't have a clue about the problems of expats after 9\11 and 7\7..

-What could Goverment do to improve life of all Pakistani's?

The Governemnt should make me the chief exective of the country.lolz

-Should BBQ food like chicken tikka, kebabs etc be made mandatory for
wedding dinner?

NO! Instead french fries and chicken burgers should be mandatory
for wedding dinners.

-Pro or anti-Musharaff? where has he made progress and where has he failed?

I am not only Anti-Musharaff. Actually i am anti-dictator. I will not support any Army General even if an angel dresses up as a general . Because in the last 60 years military dictatorship has really affected the country. Due to Army interference ,Pakistan has not been able to establish a strong democracy.

The role of the Army is to empower different institutions of the country and sit back . Countries are not run by one person, Mushraf has done some good work aswell but he is not immortal. He can have a heart attack. Countries are not run by one person ,sustainable development is through institutions.

When Musheraf initialy took over, corruption went down and law and order's situation was better but now corruption rate is sky rocketing and 'Law and Order' is in dire straits.

-Do you see yourself as an optimist when it comes to the future of
Pakistan or a pessimist like Nauman who wants to run away to the wild
wild west in order to chase the gold ?

I consider myself an optimist aswell as pessimist,because both are
beneficial to the society. Optimistic person invents the aeroplane and
pessimistic invents the perachute. lolzzz!

When it comes to the future of Pakistan, i am quite optimistic about the future because i consider myself as the future of the country. The new generation of Pakistan including me, Nauman and all other young people are the future of Pakistan.

I understand Nauman's concerns but we should not run away
from our country because that would mean we don't have enough guts to
bring a change in the society.

Believe me Pakistan's future is secure, the need of the time is that the youth of Pakistan should realize their duties,and eliminate any sort of grudge for the country. I am optimistic about Pakistan's future but pessimistic about the future of Pakistan's politics.

And Guys please don't forget to remember me in your prayers.Because my
examinations are going on these days.