Reducing turn of handle in hands?


Mar 24, 2013
Hello I Have just got a MRF Grand Edition VK18 (will post pic later) with 18 grains and it has a round handle. When I play a bowler that bowls fast the bat sometimes twists in my hands. Is there anything I can do to prevent or reduce this?
Some turn is normal and it happens to many batsmen.
Usually the handle turns because of weak hand grip, and what makes the grip weak? Too fat of a handle.
Remove the extra rubber grip if it has any. Replacing the better quality grip and gloves may also have effect on friction against turn. Asian bats usually have poor quality rubber grips.
it is happening due to a thinner handle. add a half grip below the current grip and you should be fine
There are three ways to counter it.
a) Buy bats with massive edges but big edges and lot of concaving reduces the sweet spot (professional players never use bats with concaving).
b) Use an oval handle the kind of handle that greatest bats have e.g. Screaming cats or old Puma ballistics. These bats have no concaving, thin edges massive sweet spot and as soon as you hold them, you realize that this bat can't twist in your hand. It also improves control while flicking (playing wristy shots).
c) Use special gloves and grips (dotted) that interlock in each other to avoid twisting.

I have tried all and second option is the best. That is one reason why Screaming Cat bats are costly.
@sachin200, handle type or bat make is a personal choice. in my opinion, screaming bats are ridiculously over priced while offering similar performance to subcontinental bats. and wristy players prefer round handle.
Professional players do use bats with concaving

Oval handle bats are not any more costlier than round handled.