Rumours of Montolivo leaving growing stronger


T20I Debutant
May 28, 2012
Veteran midfielder Riccardo Montolivo wants to switch to another club. The Italian says he feels overshadowed by another Italian legend, Andrea Pirlo. " I want to be the star in the team but with guys like Andrea around, I don't get the credit i deserve. ", says Riccardo.

manager Sid on the other hand feels Montolivo is just throwing around tantrums to prove his worth in the team, " If he wants to leave we can't force him to stay but I would not be letting go unless there is a similarly talented player coming in. "

Football experts believe this can turn out to be one of the bigger transfers in Season 3 of PPFMC as many other clubs are showing interest in Montolivo.

Benzema, Rooney, Tevez among those named as potential players coming in at the expense of Montolivo.