Saqlain Doosra


ODI Debutant
Feb 19, 2005
1. A bit about your self would be a good idea. I assume you're in the 20-25 range?
A. My full name is Mohammed Jamil and I'm 22 years old. I live in Birmingham, UK. I'm a full time student, studying at Birmingham University. My hobbies are playing and seeking knowledge on sports(cricket etc), going out and having good time.

2. What sparked your interest in cricket? Would you say that its in our blood?
I have been playing cricket since the age of 6. What really got me into cricket was watching Imran Khan pick up the 1992 world cup. I can still remember Wasim's 2 deliveries to Lamb and Lewis.
To some extent, it is in our blood and we grow up watching cricket.

3. I believe that you are an off spinner and play at a certain level. Would you like to tell us a bit about it?
A. It's true that I'm an off spinner. I started as medium fast at young age, but my built was not suitable for fast bowling and I realised that in 1994 as young kid, I learned watching my cousin trying some spin. When Saqlain burst on to the scene in 1995, I managed to see his bowling and that's what inspired me. It was not till 2000 that I started bowling spin and only spin, no medium pacers since.
I play in the Warwickshire league and it's not that good a league. It has become too easy to get wickets there due to helpful pitches and batsmen who are not able to read spin generally. There is no help from fellow players on the field and fielding is as good as Pakistan's. I will be moving on to higher league this year. I was offered a game by one of the top clubs last year but couldn't play. This year hopefully I'll get more Professionals out. Love bowling to Caribbean players, especially pros.

4. My knowledge of off spin is virtually nil. Would you care to expound a bit on the more common tricks that an off spinner employs and how does one usually go about bowling a Doosra?

A. The following is from Channel 4 site on off spin:
The release of the off-break and the arm ball look quite similar from the batsman's end, but up close they are subtly different. The off-break is spun with first and second fingers and wrist rotating to the right, the seam spinning at right-angles to the batsman. Ideally, it should land on the seam for extra purchase. The more spin imparted, the more the ball will ‘dip' in flight, landing earlier than the batsman expects. A spinner who gets a lot of dip is described as having ‘a good loop'. Sri Lanka's off-spinner
Muralitharan imparts so much spin the ball dips alarmingly late in flight.
Now I'll give you my own verion of it. Off spin turns from off to leg for a right handed batsman. I bowl it by using my first and second fingers. To get extra spin I use the thumb and only turn it with it if I feel that the batsman is reading it out of the hand. It will turn more and be more effective if it is given mor air(loop).

5. Your thoughts on saqi's success, his recent drop in form and his future? Would you agree that he's been 'figured' out by the opposition and is not so much a force as he used to be since he was never a big turner of the ball in the first place.
Spot on Umar, his lack of turn cost him. He was great at working out oppostion. Some times his doosra turned more than his off break. Since the last Australian tour he has not been the same bowler. Since than all the player realised Saqlain is not huge turner of the ball. They play him as slow bowler and his doosra is not effective any more. There is also a change in the way he bowls it as well, which is also easy to read. He will always be remembered as the one invented DOOSRA. The only international player not to chuck his doosra.

6. A good way to counter an offspinner like Murali? What should the batsman do and why do you think Pakistani players fail to perform well against him and Shane?
The Pakistani batsman use two method, smash or block and I don't think, it's the correct method to use against spinner and not against 2 of the world greatest spinners. They need to be positive but not slogging mod. All I can say is that Pakistanis don't gives spinners due respect, regardless of the level they play at. They all pay the price, infact all my mates think that spinners are a waste of time.

7. nadeem asked the following:
SD what do u think imran nazirs chances of a comeback yaar?
and do u agree with me when i say that nazir is th most gifted young bat in PAK?

Nadeem he should be playing in VB series. He averages 55.50 against Australia in Australia. That was against McGrath, Gillespie, lee, Warne and Shane Watson. Not to forget he played full 50 overs as well.
There is no doubt about that. He has every shot in the book and in full flow he's great to watch. I think he needs to be looked after really well. Not throw in for 3 or 4 matches and thrown back out again. If he was from a rich family he might have been in Pakistan's squad now.

Q. Do u see any upcoming young talent in PAK?
ll I see is average/scorecards on cricinfo and we know how poor Pakistan domestic cricket. I can't really say much about any domestic players. Ask muddy if you need to know about any talent.

WIY asked:
SD - have u seen sufyan munir bat? if so what are your views on him
also how about the express duo of yasin bari and rizwan akbar?

No I have not and as I said in the previous question I can't say much by checking their domestic record. I've heard lot about Sufyan from others on PP. lets hope he gets his chance if he's good and I mean good.

9. AA asked:
Is there a Saqlain Teesra coming ?
I'm still developing teesra, I'll definitely put the video on PP of my testing. I'm sure you won't mind facing while I test my Teesra.

10. MIG asked:
Do you see a role for a specialist spin bowler in ODIs? especially one who cannot bat well in an ODI ?
For example, would you see Kaneria in Pak ODI or would you rather see his position go to Malik ( action permitting ) ?

A. I think a specialist spinner is most important in ODIs. At the end of the day his job is to bowl well and not to perform the tasks of a batsman. The last thing one wants to see is a specialist spinner losing his place to a batsman who can roll his arm over for few overs.

11. Amjid asked:
do u think players like harbajhan and malik who chuck should be banned from ever bowling again?
A. Good question Amjid. If they have a small chink which they can fix and bowl within limit, then it's fine. If they can't then there is no way they should be allowed to bowl. I think they both are like javelin throwers. Big chink.

12. GA threw this one at ya:
when you dyed your hair, was there a family outcry???
Mum wasn't happy at all, but my dad was not bothered and he said to me its fine. He knows its passion. Although small brothers and sister loved it. None of the uncles saw me with green hair so it's all good.

Fessal: Are u called Jamil by friends and at home or called just Saqqy boy.

I have few names:
Murli (all my team mate, for the turn I produce)
James (at work)

14. and why do u change your sig pictures so often?Your thoughts on match fixing?
I like to make statements by changing pictures in my signature
Who ever is fixing matches should be locked up and not just banned for life. There is no place in cricket for cheats, any kind of cheats. By cheat I dont mean those that appeal for lbws or faulty catches. I mean cheats who harm the game.

15. Whom would you rate as Pakistan's greatest fast bowler.
A. I've not seen too much of Imran or any bowler in late 80's and post. For me it's Wasim Akram. Always enjoyed watching his bowling from very young age and then 1992 made me his big fan. Although his match fixing scandals never made me have him as role model.

16. and Finally, what are your other areas of interest and would you like to elaborate on any one of them?
A. I don't have much to say, but I'm hoping to travel the world one day and see different people in different environments. I thank my Allah for giving me so much. If I can help poor and do something good. I wanted to do triathlon but can't get off my 4 times eating.
Spend too much time on Pakpassion and never free during day so at the moment not much going on, other than visiting gym.

Thanks for your time :)

Youre welcome