Scuff Sheet Type or not?????


Mar 24, 2013
Out of these pick any one:

1) Clear Scuff Sheet (SG)
2) Fiber Scuff Sheet (SG,SS,etc.)
3)Clear Scuff Sheet with Fiber Edge Tape

Which one of these is the best according to ping? Do scuff sheets affect ping? Also I do not see many Indian cricketers like :kohli using Scuff Sheets?Why?
Hi Mate,
What I'd say is knock in and oil your bat. Make sure you leave your bat to dry long enough. If not, then the scuff sheet won't apply very well. Then when all this is done, apply a CLEAR scuff sheet. Both don't effect the ping, a scuff sheet is simply used to preserve the bat's life
I personaly think the hammer edge sheets made by Newbery are the best.
Yeah, I think any clear anti scuff sheet is good and they're basically all the same but Newbery ones are good quality.
most of them do but they are hard to note because they use very thin ones which are hardly visible through cameras.
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some players don't apply because hey are given around 10 bats free of cost, infact they get paid, so why when you have 10 of the exact same bat,
Others do have them becasue its a lucky bat or they are supplied fitted with scuff sheets.
as you can see that some time ago when tendulkar played his last test match he was using a master blaster with a pretty damaged centre with a torn mesh scuff sheet. Might be his lucky bat;/
ah that is a famous bat, it is apparently he scored something like 10 centuries with it.
not all players apply scuff sheet, but most of Indian cricketers apply the tape on the edges and toe.