Seam vs Swing

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Nov 3, 2012
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What do you prefer facing as a batsman: A bowler who gets swing through the air or a bowler who gets movement off the seam?

I would prefer to play a swinging delivery because I can follow the ball onto the bat but seam movement happens much more suddenly and I usually edge the ball or completely miss the line of it.
It depends sometimes the ball could swing alot and not be good enough to play it (out swing). However if the bowler has a reverse swing you're in trouble (in swing), in this case a swinging ball is tougher
Where I play there isn't much seam movement. However, the tape-ball does deviate because the ground in which we play on has lots of little stones present on the floor, which sometimes make the ball behave absurdly as soon as the ball reaches impact with the ground. Therfeore, the deviation is large and extremely sudden.
As a batsman swing is easier to face because in a way you can see where the bowl will end up, seam however can cause problems as its hard to judge or adjust quickly.

Just to add as a fast bowler I get more wickets with ball seaming here in England anyways
Seam is always much harder, ideally if you can keep seam almost straight or slightly cantered and still manage to swing it than ball will hit seam upon landing so you can do both in same delivery but of course easier said than done.