SF Triumph from onlinestockist. What u ppl think?


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Apr 7, 2010
I am planning to test Indian bat and after hearing alot of good stuff about onlinestockist i am planning to buy from them. And for first time from web since i link to have bat in my hand which cant be done on web.

What do u ppl think about SF Triumph Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat ? Its second from right i want to buy. I have also checked GM and Gray Nichols.



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the bat looks nice but the ranger doesn't look too bad SF still looks better
i gona order it in few days and maybe gloves too.
Sorry to be a spoilsport mrk, but I would probably go for an SS for that budget rather than buying an SF...just an opinion.
weight and specs i am looking for are in SF . according to onlinestockist.
Ahh ok... if Ajit is advising that bat then I would go for it...he gives good advise.
I was told that :) I hear ppl talk good about him. I havnet still order since i need shoes etc and maybe will take 1 day trip to UK but English bat are not expensiv :)