SG VS 319 Ultimate Bat & Batting Gloves Review II


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Sep 18, 2009
Well the wait was finally over when I had been in quest of a new bat. I had SF & SS bats in my mind and had almost purchased SF but when I saw this bat (SG VS-319) I fell in love with it and couldn't see anything else except this bat.

What did I get and ask?

I had asked for a bat which has lightest pick up in the weight range 2.10. After 6-7 days wait I got my hands on this bat and I got exactly what I wanted. For a moment I thought it is a perfect bat made for me as it has clean blemish free face with 9/10 straight grains which are almost evenly spaced. The balance and pickup of this bat is excellent. Pickup is really light and I hardly feel that this bat is a 2.10, in fact, to me it feels like a 2.8ish stick. The bat seems to be very very big size for its weight. The edges are 42mm on this stick.

As I received the bat on Wednesday I was very tempted to try it. So I tried it today against few throw downs and believe me this bat goes like a gun! The ball was flying in all four corners of the net! I hardly had to get my timing right in order to make the ball fly. Wherever I struck the ball it would travel a long distance. This bat was fully knocked in and I hardly knocked it in as I was excited to use it right away. So I didn't hesitate at all when it came to use the bat!

I would definitely recommend SG cricket bats as they are simply awesome.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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the bat looks very thin towards the splice are how thick is it??
Bat is a bit thinner towards the splice but not as thin as the picture suggests. Bat has minimal concaving and the edges are 42mm thick.
Very good looking bat. Here is wishing that you score a lot of runs with it.
stunner..... please review and post pics once you get the BDM Dynamic Power....
stunner..... please review and post pics once you get the BDM Dynamic Power....

sure will do.. I ordered all these (bdm dynamic power super bat, ss test opener pads, ss testlite pads, 2 x ss millennium pro arm guards, ss multiflex thighpad, masuri helmet) will receive this kit next week or so inshallah..
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