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Mar 1, 2008
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Why are their shipping prices so high? I was going to buy a pair of pads and gloves for $70 all up, but shipping comes to $76 in itself, no point then.

I think the guy posts here, can he clarify? :fawad
It is best to directly contact them mate :)

The shipping rates has nothing to do with Sailkot Shop because the shipping of pads is very high regardless where you buy from.

When pads are shipped the courier company takes volumetric measurements and in that case pads have high volume, hence, high shipping cost.
i got my AS V10 shipped to singapore for 148 USD inc shipping from AS direct.
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I've dealt twice with Sialkot shop and twice with AS for different equipment for my club mates here in Canada. Till last year there was a little difference in shipping rates as Sialkot Shop used courier and AS used PakPost. So for a bat last year the shipping from Sialkot shop was around 25-30 dollars and for AS was around 15 dollars. But AS took 2 weeks whereas Sialkot shop took 4-5 days.

This year talking to AS I found that even PakPost is much more expensive. I am not sure whether it is due to them using volumetric weight or some other reason. They quoted $75 for a bat, 6 balls and a helmet which I think is very steep compared to last year. For Sialkot shop i got a pair of pads, a pair of spikes and a few skin layers for 65 dollars shipping through DHL for a friend. Mind you pads are always more expensive than bats.

At the end of the day I found shipping more expensive for AS which takes about 2 weeks than Sialkot Shop which takes about a week. Also Basharat bhai gave me the option to use PakPost and calculate the shipping but it was saving me only around 5 dollars. Another advantage is that although AS has good customer service they do not have the time to figure out alternatives and are not always available to answer your questions unlike Basharat bhai.
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uzair bhai how much extra did it take to ship you bubber sher le
I’m from AZ, USA I’m very happy customer of sialkot shop. I have received many orders of cricket equipment and uniforms. Every time I do bargaining with Basharat bahi about prices and shipping charges. If you request him to change shipping company private to EMS etc or alternative options he will cooperate with you. Very good experience - quick delivery - great customer service ................... Highly recommended