SS bats - who to buy from?


Dec 29, 2010
I googled this question, and it seems like there is a war going on between onlinestocklist and Uzi Sports. Are the two really that different? Does one really offer a huge advantage over the other?

Buying bats online is a bit of a gamble, so I can understand why some people are disappointed and why some get lucky. So other than that, is there really a reason to choose one over another?

I am guessing neither of the two would be selling anything fake?
Online Stockist are way ahead of uzi sports in terms of price, quality and customer service. For example if you were to purchase SS ton LE from online stockist you would pay around £140 and for this same bat uzi sports would charge you way over £200.

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If you live in the London area then go to VKS as they stock many SS bats.