Thoughts on GN Powebow 5 Star


Mar 10, 2012
One of the guy in our league offers to sell a GN 5 star for $140.It is 4 months old looks good and he said bought it for 299.

Any thought bros?
I think the new ones do sell for around 289 so 140 for a lightly used Powerbow is a fair price. Buy it if you like the feel of it. Personally, I much prefer the old PB shape. Good luck :)
It looks like the old PB alright; then how come it is only 4 months old?

Profile shot?

Loved their profiles.....
Probably he got it from the old stock clearance.I have one GN Ignite 2009 I bought new couple of months ago.By the way what year did this model came in.2010-11? Here is the profile shot
Yep-- I think 2008-2009 was the last this model was produced. Make sure that it is not too dry.

You are LUCKY!!!!
You are LUCKY because many of our friends simply adore that old shape but unfortunately it is out of production. Like I said, 140 bucks for that is good as long as you are sure it is not too dry.
CD would be going crazy for this i would think
If you like the feel of it buy it, the price is good