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May 21, 2005
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For all of those MLS fans out there, ok well but all your footballs fans out there we got our very own Toronto FC thread! The team will make its debut April 7th. However yesterday was a historic day as we pulled off our first victory ever (albeit in a exhibition, but still our first!)

Toronto FC net 1st franchise win in tournament
Last Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2007 | 12:18 AM ET
CBC Sports
Toronto FC trimmed the New York Red Bulls 2-1 at the Carolina Challenge Cup exhibition tournament Wednesday in Charleston, S.C.

It marked the first victory over a Major League Soccer rival for the expansion franchise, which will make its league debut on April 7.

"It is always good to get a win," Toronto head coach Mo Johnston said. "But pre-season is about fitness.

"I applaud the guys for fighting 90 minutes, but it has to get better. We are still not good enough."

Edson Buddle scored the decisive goal in the 36th minute, breaking a 1-1 deadlock by bouncing a header past goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus off a free kick from captain Ronnie O'Brien.

Alecko Eskandarian staked Toronto to a 1-0 lead, converting O'Brien's pass in the 10th minute.

John Wolyniec equalized for New York in the 21st minute on a header that eluded the grasp of keeper Greg Sutton
Very excited to have there here in Toronto and looking forward to the season!
Just like most other sports franchises in Canada, soccer/football has one team(except hockey). Will be interesting to see how good Toronto FC is but DC has always been dominant in east.
Well for those of you who care, I thought I would give you an update. Anyways, its been four games, four losses, no goals! We are yet to score our first official franchise goal....but we still love em! Ou rhome opener was last Saturday and it was great to see a packed crowd. The crowd was cheering and jeering and it was a great sight to see from a Canadian perspective.

So far most of the games are sold out, and I can barely get tickets. I hope it get tickets a backdoor way because I may be working at BMO field this summer for the under-20 Fifa World Cup.

Also we got some new player from England, Dave Dichio or something of that sorts, any background info on him?
Ex boro youngster ronnie obrien is your captain?

Dichio has been at many clubs during his spell in england, did well at sunderland and then got a move to sampdoria in italy where he was unsucessful , came back to milwall and helped them reach fa cup final, preston was his final destination where never got his chance because of david nugent and co. Decent player who can play as a target man and at mls level should be a lethal striker.
its daniel dichio, he had a brief spell in Itally but is nothing more then a journey man player,
Amir said:
Also we got some new player from England, Dave Dichio or something of that sorts, any background info on him?
There's a DAnny Dichio. Same one?
Oxy said:
There's a DAnny Dichio. Same one?

Thats it! I am terrible with first names..I just see the first letter and presume what it is! He didn't look that bad in his first game last Saturday but could have done better cosnidering we are still looking for our first goal!
And TORONTO SCORES IT FIRST GOAL IN MLS HISTORY!!! None other than our English import Danny Dichio showing what he is made of and the confetti goes up (lol I know but its our first goal!). TFC looking good so far in the 34th minute and dominating the Chicago Fire. I really wish there were more MLS fans....then I wouldn't feel such a big idiot.haha.
And now they are praising Ronaldo on tv :11: I like....
And now Chicago ties with a an ball put in the top corner after TFC failed to clear a corner....:( 1-1
Oxy said:
Whatever happened to Freddie Adou?

Not that good anymore. And now Danny Dichio gets into a bit of a scruffle with Guiteraz, and both get a red lol. Dichio the idiot, gets into a fight. 10 on 10....
hasbeen said:
overated piece of junk. he had 2 week trial at united earlier in the season
I know - but what became of him in MLS.

According to Shaun Weedlock (sp) -US broadcaster, Adou would be good enough to play in League Div 1 at best - thats 2 divisions below the Prem.

He could walk into Darlington FC....
Oxy said:
I know - but what became of him in MLS.

According to Shaun Weedlock (sp) -US broadcaster, Adou would be good enough to play in League Div 1 at best - thats 2 divisions below the Prem.

He could walk into Darlington FC....

He started do real well at the age of 15 and there was alot of hype. I mean he was 15 and playing like that, that just says potential! However, seems like it got bit to his head. He got soem decent marketing gigs and now he is a shadow of his former self...
Geordie Ahmed said:
does he still play for Washington?

Yes, (but they are not known as Washington but rather "DC United" since DC is the state where Washington is in.)
we are utting there defence open!!! 2-1 TORONTO!!!! I like this commentator Nigel Reed :D he is english and quite good
We win our first game! 3-1!!!! oh man I live down the street from the stadium but decided to come home (anotehr city) for mothers day. Why why did I do that?!?!? its gonna be nuts there tonight!
Going to my first TFC game this saturday :D and today i got my jersey :D
Dichio - Torontos answer to LA Galaxy's Beckham!

Good atmosphere at the ground through.

WHo'd have thought 'Danny Dichio - History maker!!!'
Zechariah said:
I hate you ! How much was the ticket?

15 bucks lol. But its like way at the top, but nowo a bad view. I can see my apartment building from there :D Its similar seats I had last weekend (just about ten more rows up)
Today we beat Houston Dynamos who are the defending champs of MLS! They have Canadian star Player Dwayne De Rosario. Just check out the clip below of him....but great win for us today considering we were missing star striker Dichio but Andy Welsh came through for us.

De Rosario:

Amazing freekick, power and bend:

here is a fan video after we scored our first goal, they gave away free seat cushions and everyone decided to throw em! Canadian football for you:
Another update:
We lost last Saturday to the last place team 2-1, after a penalty that shouldn't have been given was given. It was terrible referee'ing. One of the DC players collapsed LITERALLY 5 seconds after getting hit adn we got a yellow. Our guy takedl him, he jogged a couple steps and then just collapsed over. It was terrible.

However in a cheerful news, we drawed with Benfica 0-0 last night :) Our goalie was playing like buffon, absolute classic.
Zechariah said:
Sutton improving eh? Good to know

He has been awesome for us this season. He was one very big reason we won our two gamres because he makes key saves when needed. Our defence seems to be non-existant this season. Heck on Saturday, the first goal was a own goal!
Closest thread to canada soccer.

Good news Canadians, your country is gonna play in a world cup other than cricket...

Canada has qualified for the fifa world cup in qatar